Money For Lunch – Sales and Marketing Ideas for Tire Dealers

Sales and Marketing Ideas for Tire Dealers

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A tire dealership is always a profitable venture as cars are common in every family today, and car owners need a change of tires from time to time. Do you too have your own tire dealership? Well, that’s great, but then again, your industry poses a cut throat competition where only the best and most strategic can prosper. As you are looking to make it big with your tire dealership, follow the expert tips on sales and marketing below.

Versatile range of tires

Not every car owner who rolls into your store would have the same tire need. Thus, you have to maintain a multiple inventory so that you can cater to a wide range of vehicles. To make it big, you have to enhance your portal as a one-stop tire site for every make and model. Moreover, you have to have tires for every budget. It’s always advised to store both new and used tires so that your customers can have the option to choose according to their specific needs and affordability. This way, you can also create an image of a considerate tire dealer.

Customer follow up

You must maintain a follow up with customers who previously got their tires from your stores. The follow up must be maintained even for those who just visited your store and did not get the tires. Call them up, email them, or send flyers to inform them about your new collections or latest deals. The main idea here is to announce your presence before the customers so that your name stays etched in their minds. People are more likely to go for familiar names.

Online presence

This is one of the most vital points when it comes to marketing tires in the current digital genre. You must build up a website for your store to cater to the online audience because in the world today, customers conduct their primary search online before hitting land-based stores. Thus, if you ignore the importance of a website, you are going to lose out on a huge chunk of your customers.

Having a website is not enough for your online presence, it is also important to have your business page over social media sites. You can announce your latest deals over your social media page and the live chat facility there would also help you to create a lasting rapport with your target niche.

Lifetime services

Car owners usually look for those tire dealers whom they can trust in the long run. In such a situation, a lifetime wheel balance and tire rotation services on your part would help to enhance your client retention rate by a great extent.

Price match guarantee

This is another very important point to take care of when it comes to marketing your tire dealership. Tell your customers that if they find a lesser price on the same size and brand of tires, you are ready for a discount. Your customers are always looking for lower prices and your price match guarantee will show that you are really confident about your rates.



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