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Simple Ways To Be a Better Boss

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If you run a business that means that you have employees, then knowing how to best manage them is certainly a skill that you need to acquire. Being a good boss or leader doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so many times, you need to think about how you can better be an employer and motivate your team to achieve and do well. Not only will it help the success of the business, but it will also help your team to stay put and to stick with their current career for longer. So if you think you need to be a better boss, then here are some key points to be working on.


Show Genuine Interest

If you want to get along with your team, then you need to get to know them. This isn’t just to say ‘how was your weekend’ and then walk away. Talk to them. Listen to them. Ask questions. In many cases, you can find out a lot about people by asking the right questions. So show interest in them, and develop a plan to help their career to progress. Just keep communication open and you’ll instantly be a better and more respected boss.

Educate Yourself

If you feel that it is hard to be a boss to your team, then it can be because you feel somewhat of an imposter. Though imposter syndrome is real, it is important to not let it run your life, as you must be there in this role for a reason. But one of the reasons why you may want to retrain or educate yourself is so that you have a bit more klout behind what you are saying. If you’re qualified to say so, then it is all good. So looking to do something like an online master of public safety degree program, perhaps, could help you feel more confident to lead your team and keep them safe. You could also read up or do other online study in your business sector. Think about where your weaknesses lie, and then you can choose something to educate yourself with from there.

Give Feedback

If you only speak to your team when they have done something wrong, then it can be like with children when you only speak to them when you’re telling them off. They are less likely to want to have any kind of relationship with you, and will just switch off when you are talking to them. So you need to make sure that you praise and give credit where credit is due. Give positive feedback, as well as the constructive criticism. Your colleagues will take you more seriously and it makes you a more approachable and personable manager. So don’t sit in your office and only come out to speak when there is an issue. Be visible and give feedback.

Have you got any other tips and tricks that you would add? I think we have all worked with a bad manager, and it an put us off work. So think about how you can be a better one, and it will work in your favor.


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