Money For Lunch – Six essential things to know before you ship your car

Six essential things to know before you ship your car

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If you are well prepared and knowledgeable, shipping a car can be very easy. This is because you will trust somebody who is kilometers away to safely deliver your vehicle to you. With the tips below, you will ship your car overseas without any issue.

Settle for the right company                 

When planning to ship a car that you have bought overseas, ensure that you pick the best transport company. Always choose seasoned firms that have been in operation for many years. This is because such firms know what is expected of them and will offer excellent services. In addition, they will ensure that your vehicle gets to its destination without any damage.

Choose a shipping method

Vehicles are usually shipped in two ways; the enclosed containers and open container methods. In the closed container technique, the vehicles are normally tied with nylon ropes or wheel nets to prevent any damage to the vehicle while on transit.  Open containers are normally cheaper, but the vehicle will be prone to inclement weather, theft and damage. The vehicles are usually secured with chains on the axle, which can damage your vehicle, especially if they are very tight.


It is important for you to insure your vehicle while on transit. This is important because anything can happen to the transport vehicle and you may lose your car. The indemnity premiums usually vary depending on the value of your vehicle and the level of coverage that you, need whether full or restricted. Make sure that you have pictures of your vehicle before and after shipping so that you can make a valid insurance claim in case of damage.

Be an active participant in the process

You should educate yourself regarding the overseas shipping process. You will have plenty of information that will help you make the right decisions. Be sure to ask for a contract to avoid binding yourself to regulations that you have no idea about. You should also Contact Ship Over Seas to know the contact individuals and ask questions.

Written quotes

You should get a written quote from your shipping company for you to have smooth overseas vehicle shipping. This will help you to confirm everything to ensure that you are not getting a raw deal. Confirm the origin of the shipper, the final destination, delivery schedules and services that the shipping firm will provide. The quote should also indicate the payment modes and shipping terms.

Avoid brokers

Most people think that brokers are good because they will handle everything for you. However, they make the entire shipping process more expensive for you because you have to pay them too. In addition, you may end up spending more because they will sweet talk you into other services that are unnecessary.  Work directly with the shipping company and you will get what you want in the end.

Overseas shipping can be quite a complicated process. This is particularly true when you have to clear your car at the origin and destination ports. You might even be forced to travel to clear with customs. Therefore, ensure that you know somebody who can help out with these tasks. Your car should have the necessary documents and have the paid fees required to avoid delays.

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