Money For Lunch – Smart Hacks to Help You Make Money on Instagram — Here’s How You Should Get Started!

Smart Hacks to Help You Make Money on Instagram — Here’s How You Should Get Started!

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The digital domain, when used strategically, can be the best revenue generating machine! YouTubers with over a million subscribers have the potential to earn as much as $300,000 if they join hands with leading brands. However, it does not seem to be the best choice for everyone looking for alternative ways of making money online. For them, Instagram offers some unique opportunities. With even 1,00,000 followers on this platform, you have the chance to earn a whopping $5,000 per post if you manage to partner with one or more brands.

Instagram marketing is not a cakewalk! It needs strategic thinking that appeals to online viewers who in turn would think it is in their best interest to follow your account. The chemistry between Instagram users and renowned influencers has compelled several digital marketers and small business owners to quit their 9 to 6 jobs and enter into the world of social media marketing to earn big bucks.

Instagram has managed to capture the fancy of everyone starting from start-up ventures, travel and beauty bloggers, and established brands to random users. However, if you happen to be a regular user trying to come up with tactics to monetize your account, here are three effective marketing tips you can try.

  1. Increase your follower base 

Monetizing your Instagram account would mean that you have to partner with prominent and noteworthy brands. On the other hand, famous brands would be willing to join hands with you when your follower count is high. This way, by partnering with you, brands will be able to reach a potentially untapped market in the form of followers.

Instagram users with over 100,000 followers have the chance to monetize their account profitably! You do not need to be disheartened if you are nowhere close. There is a brighter side as well. If you have a couple of thousand followers on your account, with smart tactics, you can work hand-in-hand with brands that require micro-influencers. You can either grow your follower base using tools like Growr or resort to the following tricks:

  • Generate rich visual content with useful information that would appeal to your niche viewers and followers. Ensure that all the pictures are clear, vivid, of high quality and relevant to the theme, service or product that you aim to promote. If you intend to get into fitness blogging, make relevant posts about nutrition, sports goods, active wear and the like. To enhance the image quality, opt-in for the top photo editing apps for Instagram.
  • Add useful hashtags to your post for online viewers to trace your account, browse through it and follow you. With, you can unlock hashtags that work for you.
  • Request renowned brands for a shout-out! It garners publicity via online word of mouth. Search for prominent Instagram accounts that upload content of other users from your domain. Check their posts, contact and request them to share your content if they engage in daily shout-outs.
  1. Look for authentic brands to partner with 

Searching for brands to work in professional sync is a core step to monetize your profile. Do you think it is tough? There is good news. Today, multiple influencer marketing platforms and networks say yes to micro-influencers. When you become a part of this circle, you connect with brands that require genuine influencers.

One of the best influencer marketing platforms is Buzz Web. This platform is ready to collaborate with you when you have 5,000 followers and start monetizing your account. Depending on your follower count, you can work around your monthly earnings with this platform. You are also empowered to take part in the campaigns you deem fit. Once your Instagram post is approved, your payment will be cleared within 24 hours. Another influencer marketing platform to work with when you have a couple of thousand followers is TRIBE. It works a lot like Buzz Web; only your payments get cleared within 48 hours after the approval of your post.

  1. Choose to sell your pictures 

Finally, let’s get pragmatic and use a platform for its sole cause. Instagram’s core objective is to promote image content. For amateur and professional photographers alike, this site is the best way to post, advertise and finally sell photos to agencies or individuals. You just need to add a watermark to all your HD quality images, add attractive and meaningful captions and aim to sell.

As an added guidance, keep your account active so that the right accounts start to follow you and engage in a business deal. Using smart hashtags will help you reach the right followers and connect with leading photography agencies. Two best sites that are perfect for selling Instagram images are Community Foap and Twenty20.

In today’s era of expanded digital reach, everyone wants to follow their passion and use it to earn as well. From here branches the desire to monetize personal Instagram profiles and do favorable business. Not everyone gets it correct as it is essential to deploy the appropriate strategy. However, by using the three clever hacks mentioned above, you can make money on Instagram.



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