Money For Lunch – Streaming Movies: Why Are They So Popular?

Streaming Movies: Why Are They So Popular?

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The movie industry is one of the most successful entertainment niches as millions of movies are watched every day from all parts of the world. Whether they are old classics, romance driven stories or the latest releases, there is always something for everyone to watch. Since the introduction of modern technology, this industry has changed in ways in which people can access the movies and view them.

The introduction of online movie streaming offers services for the viewer to access a catalogue of films of different genres. The only disadvantage to this, is that new releases are still always available on DVD and it takes some time for the latest releases to be added to the film streaming market.

The Digital Age

The way we access movies online as be altered by modern technology. Over the years, popularity of devices such as smartphones and tablets have been one of the most common ways used to stream movies. The tablet equates for a large portion of hours spent watching films and playing games. For example, playing movie slots at Magical Vegas can be done on tablet itself as the site is responsive to all devices. Plus, the massive collection of more than 500 slots can be played on any type of devices, just like you can stream movies. It is said, in the U.S 37 million films are downloaded or streamed online regularly as movies are one of the most favoured source of entertainment.


Streaming movies to devices are continuing to grow in popularity as more people have become accustomed with technology. The benefits on technology are being incorporated into everyday lives as people see how it facilitates their lives. But, there are a number of factors that are behind the surge in acceptance to online movie streaming. These are:

  • Cinemas can be an expensive outing with ticket prices rising due to the issues of illegal movie downloads and piracy.
  • Movie streaming hosts offer suggestions of the type of films a person can enjoy and that is how 90% of movies are watched, through recommendation.
  • There are constant additions to streaming sites which open up more options for viewing.
  • Wi-Fi is found in every modern home now. As the internet continues to dominate, movies are watched online and are as clear as they are on DVD.
  • The biggest draw to online movie streaming is that is costs less to stream an unlimited number of movies per month…

Keep it Legal! 

Since movies are available online, there have been a number of sites which allow people to watch movies for a reasonable price or for free. Regulated movies sites require a small fee monthly, which ensures that the film industry generates some income through other means. Piracy and illegal downloads have a massive impact on the film industry. It can cause things like DVD prices or the cost of cinema tickets to rise just to recover from losses.

Online movie streaming’s popularity has taken over the cinema and DVD. With the continuation of new devices being introduced through technology, the way we access out entertainment will continue to grow and expand drastically, which makes the availability of films will grow faster.


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