Money For Lunch – The Benefits of Performing Regular Home Maintenance

The Benefits of Performing Regular Home Maintenance

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Regular home maintenance is an important aspect of home ownership. Not only does it help keep the home in top condition, but it addresses small issues before they become very big and very costly. However, there are some hidden benefits to home maintenance that the average homeowner might not be aware of.

Home Maintenance and a Home’s Value

Keeping your home properly maintained often lands you on your neighbor’s good side, but it also puts you on the good side of property values. Per the San Francisco Gate, damage that is caused by lack of maintenance – things like bug infestation, structural problems, sewage issues, and weather damage – can all drastically reduce a home’s value.

Luckily, as much as lack of maintenance will cost you in the sale’s price, regular maintenance can help you. Homes that are nice, well kept, modernized, and updated will allow you to increase your asking price by tens of thousands of dollars.

Home Maintenance and Safety

Another reason home maintenance is important is that it improves the safety of your home. Safety matters for two reasons: it helps avoid accidents or incidents that could potentially befall yourself, your family, or your visitors, and it keeps homeowner insurance rates low. If something were to occur on your property – such as a neighbor tripping from an overgrown tree root and breaking their arm – you’d have to file a claim. Filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, similar to filing one for your automobile, can lead to insurance rates skyrocketing.

Regular home maintenance isn’t just important to insure that people won’t trip over things or fall down rotted stairs. It’s also important because of fire danger. A home that isn’t maintained is likely to have many more fire hazards than one that is: things like old barrels of propane are direct fire dangers, while tree limbs touching roofs are indirect ones. If a fire were to happen, they can act as kindling. Speaking with a supplier of fire resistant lumber can further help you make your home as fire retardant as possible.

Home Maintenance and Stress

According to the Wall Street Journal, a study published by the University of Pennsylvania found that homeowners are less happy than those who rent. This mainly has to do with homeowners spending less time on leisure – exercising, hanging with friends, dining out – than those who simply rent. The reason for this is likely that owning a home is much more overwhelming than renting one: when you rent, you are only responsible for about a fifth as much as when you own.

However, regular home maintenance can help home owners find more happiness. When your home is taken care of, organized, and updated, you’re not as overwhelmed, you’re less likely to have your home cause you extra worry, and much more likely to be comfortable.

Being stressed by your home is not conducive to health: stress contributes to a variety of health conditions, particularly those that involve the cardiovascular system. Stress also compromises emotional health and leads to making poor lifestyle choices: stressed people are far more likely to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, eat poorly, and refrain from exercising.

Regular maintenance is essential to an enjoyable living environment. It’s also, when done properly, not that time-consuming: rather than spending hours maintaining your house once every other month, aim to spend a few minutes each day keeping things in good working order.


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