Money For Lunch – The Best of What The British Cuisine Has to Offer and Where to Find Them

The Best of What The British Cuisine Has to Offer and Where to Find Them

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So, are you planning to visit London anytime soon? If you are, you must a have a to-do list ready by now. Food is indeed a big and significant part of any joyous holiday trip. While being in London, if you do not go out for some classic British food, then it sure will be an incomplete trip. You may be thinking that the thought of visiting a native restaurant in London is not as exciting as visiting the ones of Rome or Paris. However, you are sure to let go of your doubts when you know how London has leapt many of the global gastronomic capitals with its multi-cultural food scene, and famous Michelin starred restaurants, pop-ups, gastropubs and street food.

Go to the Greater London restaurants to feast on some of the best of British food:

The undeniable Fish and Chips

If you do not have it on your list yet, it is time you write it down already! Being one of London’s pride and joy, fish and chips is a combination that is sold by most shops and restaurants. However, you must be sure to find the best places to savour this classic British comfort food. The Golden Hind offers this speciality fresh and crisp with the sides of a creamy traditional pea mash, that too at a very reasonable price. This 1950’s frying station is nothing but a deep plunge into nostalgia. This champion of East London goes by the name of “chippy” and has a history (dating back to the mid 19th century) of serving the best fish and chips. The food truck named Hix’s FishDog has a rather fresh take on this classic dish as they serve pieces of the same battered fish in a freshly baked dog bun.

Fry-up: Britain’s customary food

You have got to start off one morning of your trip with a platter of English breakfast or Fry-up as it is commonly known. After fish and chips, this ranks second as one of the British food customs. Londoners are a big breakfast fan, and this little dish is enough to keep hunger on a leash till lunchtime. The Fry-up is a calorie-loaded platter comprising of eggs & bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato, sausages, sautéed mushrooms, toast or fried bread and black pudding. That completes an authentic Full English Breakfast. Now that it has caught your attention, here is where you find it best:

  • Regency Café
  • E.Pellici
  • Hawksmoor Guildhall

Pie and mash: the East-End Tradition

The pie and mash is supposedly the first ever fast food of London. This dish is David Beckham, the famous footballer’s nostalgic love. This delicacy is fading from the heart of London, but there are still a few good restaurants that serve the best of best pie and mash. Even though it might sound to be an odd match, this dish is served with jellied eel liquor and a side of potato mash to go along. The pie is filled with beef and is wrapped in a pastry lid. F Cooke, M. Manze and G. Kelly are three best places to go for pie and mash.

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