Money For Lunch – The Business Logic of Naked Broadband

The Business Logic of Naked Broadband

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Mobile phones have become ubiquitous. Young and old people are adept at using mobile phones today. Even young schoolchildren know how to use, as well as own a mobile phone. With the wider acceptance of mobile phones, many homeowners are thinking if they still need to have a regular phone line when everyone in the family uses a mobile phone. The decreasing cost of broadband Internet service is also a consideration.


However, many homeowners vacillate whether they should ditch their phone line, because it is often bundled with their Internet service. If you are one of those people who want to only have broadband connection with no phone line, the best option is Naked DSL. While already available in over 20 countries, although not yet nationwide, it is a service that offers standalone fast Internet service. Still, you may want to weigh on other options before committing to a certain service bundle.


What is Naked DSL


Naked DSL offers you a fixed line Internet service. It is called naked because it only offers Internet connection. There is no phone line rental needed in this type of broadband plan. Typical DSL (digital subscriber line) connection runs through an active phone line, with a splitter. One wire goes to your phone so you get a dial tone and the other gets connected to a modem linked to your computer, enabling you to use both simultaneously.


Naked broadband (Naked DSL)


In naked broadband type of service, you use the same copper telephone wire to get the Internet service. The difference is that you get it as a standalone service, without the phone line. So you will realise savings because you do not have to pay a monthly rental fee for the phone and the telephone calls. It is still possible to receive and make calls, although you’ll be using Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP.


Your voice calls are handled by your provider using the Internet, so the charges are part of your broadband package. The existing copper line that leads to your house will not be registered to the central phone exchange thus you are not charged a phone line rental. You still get a normal phone unit, although your phone number will have different digits. If you use your mobile phone for voice calls, there are also naked broadband plans that do not include a VoIP service. If a mobile phone service is not enough for your needs however, finding a proper VoIP solution may be a great alternative for not having a working phone line.


The only cons about naked broadband is that it is not portable and if the Internet connection goes out, you will not be able to make and receive calls.


Typical ADSL broadband connection


Normally, you subscribe to an ADSL connection which is typically offered as a broadband bundle. The phone service passes through a copper telephone wire from a central phone exchange. This is also the same line used to bring you broadband service. It is activated by a technician at the phone exchange, allowing you to plug your modem to your phone outlet, which connects you to the network. With this type of connection, you pay for the calls you make, your Internet use and the rent for the phone line.


Demand for naked DSL


In a poll conducted way back in 2013 in the UK, three-quarters of the respondents were already aware of naked DSL and want to try the option. Those who already have an existing phone line think of the savings (about £10 to £16 each month) they will get from a naked DSL connection. The rest were asked how much they think the provision of a phone line (for those without a landline connection), should cost. The respondents said that £5 to £7 per month is fair.


The best benefit that naked DSL offers is financial in nature. It provides bigger savings for people who no longer need a home phone line but requires fast Internet connection. Naked DSL comes in different bundles, so the broadband package you pick will still be dependent on the amount of data you require each month.



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