Money For Lunch – The Hidden Benefits Of A Business Cloud

The Hidden Benefits Of A Business Cloud

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Over the last few years, the word cloud has become somewhat of a buzz phrase amongst companies selling online services. In the past, this term was used to describe a section of a network which a engineer didn’t administrator access to, like the Internet. Now, though, times have changed, and this field is all about providing data services to businesses. But, what exactly makes this sort of tool so powerful? To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the hidden benefits of a modern cloud, giving you the chance to start weighing up your options.

Cheaper Machines: When you’re using a cloud storage system to host all of your documents, files, and other data, the amount of space required on each of your machines is greatly reduced. With SSDs taking over the market, but still being expensive in high capacities, reducing your reliance on in house storage can save loads of money. Along with this, you will also lower your chances of system failures, as there will be less hardware and usage putting the systems through their paces.

Lower Power Bills: Of course, while removing the need for hard drives probably won’t impact your power consumption by a noticeable margin, removing large servers certainly will. When you store data in house, the need for infrastructure is inescapable, unless you want to make life very hard for your employees. Using a system like Office 365 corporate, though, you will remove the need for most of this equipment. It’s always best to have someone else paying for this side of your business.

Fewer Employees: Having offices filled with computers and servers is like spinned a set of very chaotic plates. As you solve one issue, another will form, and it’s likely that you will always have one or two machines which are out of action. This creates the need for a huge team of employees, all of which could be avoided if you didn’t have to have your own server systems. Staff members are the single most expensive part of running a company, and this is something to consider as you get started.

No More Human Error: When you’re using your own systems to handle this sort of work, it’s likely that you will have older versions of software and services which you rely on. These options won’t have the same autosave features as their modern counterparts, making it much easier for people to lose their work. The best way to reduce human error in business is to simple remove the chances of issues occuring. Of course, though, a little bit of training could also help with this.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your business storage systems. As time goes on, these sorts of services are only going to become more sophisticated, and this makes them a very tempting prospect for companies everywhere. Even if you need some training to get started, the benefits of these tools always outweigh the costs.


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