Money For Lunch – The Right Attorney Team for Auto Accidents

The Right Attorney Team for Auto Accidents

April 19, 2016 8:57 AM0 commentsViews: 24

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Having a strong attorney represent you and fight for you is necessary. Having two strong and outstanding attorneys work as a team, both with tremendous experience and track record, gives you not only the edge, but also the peace of mind that your rights will be protected.

Auto accident attorneys Joe Graves and Matthew Thomas will become an amazing combination of counsel. Joe recently joined strengths to become partners in representing and fighting for those injured in auto accidents. They make an outstanding team not only because of their experience and background, but also because of their consistent dedication to their work and their clients.

Auto accident attorney Joe Graves has been practicing law and protecting the rights of those injured for over 20 years, and as a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial attorney, he is known as a specialist. His track record shows his deep knowledge of the law and experience with strategy and trial processes. Numerous clients have spoken about his thoroughness, compassion, and honesty. Joe values and respects the law; and, as a navy veteran, he also knows the importance of fighting for those who count on him. Joe also knows the value of building an outstanding team. Former clients as well as other attorneys have come forth and made comments on Joe’s tremendous skills and about the strength of his team, including the support staff and the investigators.

Teaming with auto accident attorney Matthew Thomas is the right and natural step for both Joe and Matthew. Matthew has an incredible record in personal injury litigation. He is consistently committed to his clients and does not let the other side play bullying tactics. His continued dedication to those who have been injured or wronged in auto accidents make him and Joe the perfect duo as auto accident attorneys.

When considering a partner, an attorney looks to those with similar values, and those who can complement one’s strengths. Joe and Matthew both have tremendous respect for the law, and both are extraordinary advocates. In addition, Joe brings his dedication from his days with the navy along with decades of legal experience and knowledge, and combines it with Matthew’s drive and commitment to those injured, to make for amazing combination of counsel.

Joe and Matthew fight for their clients to obtain missing paychecks, to have hospital and medical bills paid, to replace or repair the affected vehicle, and to make sure that future medical and therapy bills are taken care of. They are attorneys with the right experience, who understand insurance companies and the tactics insurance companies employ.

This is the team that represents and protects the rights of those injured in auto accidents. It is the team that comes with strength and confidence, to give those injured the peace of mind that the right team has their back.



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