Money For Lunch – Tips For Saving Money On The Engagement

Tips For Saving Money On The Engagement

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The time is here. You have fallen in love and are ready to ask the woman of your dreams to be your loving wife. The next step is to set up the engagement. If you do it like most, the process of persuading the love of your life to put her trust in you forever can be an expensive process. With that said, it doesn’t have to be. Below are a few ideas that will show her how much you love her while saving your wallet.

Dinner Plans 

On the night you intend to confess your undying devotion, it is customary to take your date to dinner. You could take her to the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant or the Per Se in New York City, if you don’t mind paying more than your monthly rent for dinner, but it’s just not necessary.

There are countless establishments that your girl will enjoy and you two can have a romantic dinner on a much smaller budget. Now the first choice would be your wife-to-be’s favorite restaurant. She will probably gather that something is afoot, but she will enjoy the gesture.

Unless she hits an odd faze, she will already have your budget in mind when she makes her decision. If she is the indecisive type, there are other options such as The Olive Garden, Pearls, or Red Lobster. These are very nice places to eat that are not horrible on the budget and offer the opportunity for privacy, as well.

That Special Spot

 Afterwards, it is a nice thought to take your girl somewhere nice just to talk. This will probably be where you pop the question, if you haven’t already. This doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Drive out to a nice look off where you two can be impressed with the night sky or go for a walk in the city.

You can also go back to the house and chill out with some good conversation over a cup of coffee. Of course, if you are the more adventurous type, take a trip to the local fair and pop the question a few stories up while riding the Ferris wheel. Either way you go, this stage of the journey should not be a burden on your cash flow.

 The Ring 

Here it is. This will the be the most expensive part of your excursion. The ring. Nonetheless, it does not have to cost you your life savings. First, know your lady. Is she a diamond girl or would she enjoy a different kind of stone? Does she like a lot of jewelry?

If not, you may not want to invest in a smaller ring. Lastly, you need to keep in mind what you can afford. As much as you might want to buy her the best rock out there, because let’s face it, she deserves it, you will probably need to scale back a bit and keep things within your budget.

There will be plenty of time down the road for you to replace her ring with something you feel is more worthy of your love for her. Anniversaries come every year.

The love of your life deserves the best. That includes a man who knows how to handle his money. Take the time to set up the best quality engagement for the least amount of money.

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