Top 4 Team Building Activities You Should Be Using Already

Team building activities help improve your business as a whole. This is proven by studies (OrangeWorks) and experience (Forbes). However, team building is only helpful when it’s a regular thing, not a one-time activity or a biannual corporate event. Simple activities, like games, challenges, and small theme parties make your employees happy. And a happy workforce is a productive workforce, so this small investment will pay off manyfold.

Top 4 Team Building Activities You Should Use Regularly

1.      Escape room game

Escape rooms are extremely popular today because they are fun and cheap entertainment. You can easily set one up in your office. Make some clues, hide them, and lock your team inside. In case creativity with clues isn’t your strongest skill, you can find many good scenarios online.

Better yet, if your business is big enough, you can charge one team with creating an escape room scenario for the month. Then the other goes next month and so on. This will not only help your employees bond but also develop their creativity, cognition, and problem resolution skills.

2.      Theme party

Not all team building activities are about games or important training. Sometimes you just need to let your employees relax and mingle. They should be friends who know each other and are comfortable being together, and parties will help with that.

You don’t have to hire an expensive event planning service to set up a cool party for your business. You simply need to contact a DJ, licensed catering service, and lounge furniture rental NYC. You might even drop the DJ from the list if you are on a limited budget. However, food, drinks, and comfortable furniture are a must. If you make these parties small and light, the costs shouldn’t be too high overall.

You should add some spark to these gatherings by choosing themes. Make it into a competition with the winning team (for example, one that makes the most sales in a month) setting the theme for the next event. Get your entire office hyped up by motivating people make decorations and pick music.

3.      Battle of the bands

Everyone likes good music, so start music evenings, but not the regular ones where someone plays or signs badly. Instead, have a lip sync battle of the top bands. Divide your employees into small teams so they can personify the bands of their choice. Make sure they know to use props and have time to rehearse because the point of this team building activity is to make a show.

Your employees can imitate their music idols or play out their version of a concert. Let their imaginations run wild while they perform and have fun. Then, shuffle the teams and pick the date for your next band battle.

4.      Community service

Community service isn’t one of traditional team building activities. However, it’s a great opportunity to not only help your employees bond but also promote your business in the community. Be sure to issue everyone with T-shirts and caps with your logo on them.

You can start by joining community-wide events, like annual park cleaning. If you feel prepared, organize your own. Charity work will be best because it’s a great way to teach your team compassion. It will also help them understand how much the things they do in the office can help other people. Ask your employees for ideas and projects they’d like to support.

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