Money For Lunch – Top Tips to Help You Remodel Your Bathroom and Kitchen Within Budget!

Top Tips to Help You Remodel Your Bathroom and Kitchen Within Budget!

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Remodeling your home is a good idea if you are ready to test your patience and budget. Let us admit the fact that remodeling is not cheap, and you must be prepared to go through the grind of the complex activities that could ultimately leave you smiling. To get things done in the way you want and to achieve the quality of workmanship that you have always desired, you must choose the right agency to handle the job, like the one that you would find at 24-7 Premier. However, selecting the company for undertaking the remodeling project is just the beginning of your journey into the land of unknowns. In this article, we will discuss the ways that you can try to contain costs of the project without affecting the quality of work and finish.

Do proper homework about competing contractors

First of all, you must accomplish the task of finalizing the contractor with smartness so that you can select a trustworthy contractor who could help you in not only completing the project on time but also in saving money. To make it happen, you must gather as much information as you can about contractors who are eligible for the job, and use it to your advantage when negotiating the deal with the contractor of your choice. Begin by gathering references from friends, acquaintances, and colleagues about home remodeling companies.

After you have made a primary choice, use the best skills of negotiation, and do not hesitate to take recourse to name dropping of competing contractors to gain an advantage in bargaining. Obtain three written quotes to compare timelines and costs, and verify all documents related to insurance, bonding and trade license. Making payments against milestones is always preferred, and retaining a certain amount until work completion makes good sense.

Time the project right

Although springtime is the most preferred season for starting home remodeling projects because of the lure of spring tax refund, you could gain much more by walking against the trend. Choose the time between January and March when there is a lull in construction activities, and contractors and workers are readily available while materials costs are also low. It is the time when you can extract a good deal from contractors who would be glad to take up the project that comes to them during their low seasons. The only caution is to consider the weather conditions that should not stretch the project longer as it would wash out the benefits that you could manage to gain. Planning the project well and executing it with alertness could help you to complete the groundwork of foundation before the rains commence and prices start climbing up.

Spend judiciously

It is true that the most desired places chosen for remodeling homes are the bathrooms and kitchens just because you could get ROI as high as 85%. However, be ready to invest quite a large sum, approximately $20,000, to create the numbers you desire and reap the benefits but without any assurance whatsoever. While this might sound somewhat scary, you could work around the investment and keep it low with a few smart moves.  If your idea of remodeling is just to give the place a fresh look without making significant changes in the layout, then painting is the cheapest way of dressing up the area. Similarly, if you are concerned with the looks of the kitchen and want to give it a quick makeover that would make it look quite expensive, change some of the appliances and replace the knobs and handles of the cabinets with the latest hardware.

Buy appliances smartly

When you are thinking of replacing some kitchen appliances, insist on buying floor models that have a lower price, which can be almost 20% less than other models. You can also look for models that have minor scratches and dents, which some stores sell at a good discount that is almost matching with the offers of floor models. Some stores also have an inventory of items that had been sold once but returned before use only because the model did not fit the place. Look for the best time of the year to buy appliances when prices hit rock bottom.

Use cabinets that you can assemble

New cabinets, fabricated just for you, constitute almost 40% of the remodeling budget. Instead, you can use cabinets that are ready to assemble or cheaper semi-custom designed cabinets without compromising on the looks and functionality. In this process, you can reduce the price of cabinets by as much as 50%.

Another way to save money is to explore the possibility of using some leftover materials with the contractor that you could buy at a throwaway price. Indeed, you must be flexible in accepting whatever is available, because if you are rigid about your choices, this method will not work for you.

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