Money For Lunch – Transcendental Meditation – Showing The Easy Way to Relax and Achieve Happiness in Life

Transcendental Meditation – Showing The Easy Way to Relax and Achieve Happiness in Life

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Although there is a link between meditation and religion because most religions use the technique of meditation, it is not necessary to have religious inclinations if you want to practice meditation. Since meditation is about some methods that help to control the mind which gives you inner peace and happiness that leads to healthy living, it is more of an aid to a better life than practicing any religion. By practicing meditation, you can enjoy life much better as you have complete peace of mind and ability to take better control of your life that helps attain the life goals and brings a sense of fulfillment that makes you happy.

Meditation is neither difficult nor inaccessible, as some would think. Meditation does not require the support of any religion to practice it. The most common technique is Transcendental Meditation or TM that anyone can practice for just twenty minutes two times a day without having to learn anything special. The method revolves around effortlessly relaxing your body and mind by allowing your senses to flow naturally without any expectations that ultimately improves physical and mental health.

Guiding the mind to the right place

TM involves the process of relaxation and deep rest of the body and mind as you detach your mind from the earthly connections and guide it towards a destination of stillness and calm that exists within all of us. The goal of tranquility and peace exists so deep within our minds that the humdrum of daily living that we have to go through creates too much of hindrance in reaching it. The obstacle disappears once you practice meditation that has the powers of training your mind to deal with stress and anxiety, make you calmer thus enabling to stay better focused on healthy living that creates happiness and joy.

Mantras not required

Since the primary direction of TM is oriented towards transcending, it does not rely on any mantras. You have to sit alone in a comfortable posture with legs folded at a quiet place, wherever it might be, at home or any other place. With arms stretched over the folded knees, close your eyes and breathe to start the process of slowing down your thoughts.  Start concentrating on a single thought by shedding away all other feelings that surround it so that you stay entirely focused on it. The single thought that dominates during the period of meditation becomes the guiding force in your search for inner peace.

Learn it first

Although the technique of TM is simple, it needs quite a bit of self-control that is necessary to develop the mental concentration for guiding the mind in the right direction.  First, you have to learn the technique under the guidance of a certified trainer for about an hour or one and half hour for four consecutive days before you can start doing it on your own.

You gradually realize your abilities in turning the mind in a direction that takes you to a state of unconditional happiness.

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