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Using Your Money Ethically

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A lot of businesspeople like to focus very strongly on their own bank account. Of course, this makes sense; you’re working for that money. So, you should be able to enjoy it as it grows. But, this doesn’t mean that you should keep it all for yourself. Instead, businesspeople should be looking for ways to make sure that their money helps as many as possible. This doesn’t mean simply giving everything away. But, it does mean giving something away. And, this post is going to be going through three areas that could do with your money.

In most places, businesses have to pay taxes on what they earn. This money goes to the government, who will use the money to improve the local area and pay for it’s running. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses look for ways to avoid paying these taxes, resulting in governments losing out. Most of the methods that people use to do this are completely legal. So, it’s not a problem there. But, you could consider it to be an ethical issue. You no doubt use the services that your taxes would pay for. And, it’s likely that your business does too. So, you should be thinking about this when you decide whether or not you’re going to pay this money.

A lot of businesses choose to give money to charities. And, this practice can be very important. It can be hard for charities to run without the help of businesses funding them. The money that a business can give is usually much greater than what individuals can spare. So, you can see how it can make a huge difference. The way that you give money to charity is completely up to you. But, companies will usually choose something relevant to them. For example, a construction company may donate houses to another country. Or, a company ran by a Jewish family may look for Jewish charities. Not only will this make you feel better as a business owner. But, it will also make your business look better to customers. People love companies that are willing to share some of their profits with those less fortunate.

As a business, it’s likely that you sit at the heart of your community. People will use your business over the bigger ones, simply because you’re local. And, this sort of effort should be paid back. This leads a lot of companies to invest in community efforts, to improve the area around them. This is much like charity. So, you can choose to support any effort that you feel deserves it. You have a good chance to make some real difference to the people around you if you give money like this. And, it will benefit your family in the future; if they decide to live in the same area.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working harder on the money that you give away as a business. It can be hard to know how much to give away. But, after some time, you’ll find what you feel most comfortable with. Remember; this is all about choice. You don’t have to give away a single penny if you don’t want to.

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