2022 Trends: 5 Fascinating Revelations from the Latest Online Shopping Stats

With more business being done online than ever before, it’s important to keep up to date with everything going on in the virtual sphere. This includes staying on top of SEO requirements, the latest advertising trends, and what consumer behavior is looking like both now and in the future. 

Luckily, guidance is readily available for all three aspects. Today, we’ll be exploring five fascinating revelations from the latest online shopping stats so you can use the information to steer your business in the right direction.

People Are Purchasing More Homewares Online

Though future lockdowns appear unlikely, the trend of people looking to design homes that reflect their personality is continuing. Indeed, it is even ramping up in some areas. This is particularly beneficial for those who sell high-end or big-ticket homewares. 

A consumer may visit your site to browse cookware sets, for example, but end up checking out with everything they need for a full kitchen makeover. Stores that use suggestive selling techniques subtly and effectively can benefit greatly from this trend.  

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More Than One in Four People Prefer to Shop Online

The number of people who shop online is steadily rising, and recent stats show that more than one in four consumers prefer to head online when looking to make a purchase. People love the idea that they can shop pakistani clothing uk online. This means that having a strong digital presence is more important than ever. So if you’ve been thinking about revamping your website, now is definitely the right time. Reach out to a qualified team of UX professionals or a creative design studio to get the process going.

Additional Fees Are Killing Conversions

Although people window shop online just as often as they do in person (if not more often), the number one conversion killer is unexpected fees popping up. Shipping costs are the most common culprit here, but if you’ve got any other unexpected fees or charges that get applied to an order at checkout (such as a handling fee, customs charges, currency conversion, and the like), you can almost guarantee they’re hurting your sales.

Chatbots May Take Over the World

While that heading is definitely a little dramatic, chatbots are quickly becoming the preferred method of support in terms of initial touchpoints. If you’re not using them to your advantage, you could be losing out on a significant amount of revenue. 

Chatbots streamline the customer service process by reducing the human requirement on your side. They can also be the difference between a conversion and an abandoned cart, as customers are always more likely to make a purchase if they can get support instantly.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Have Gone Digital

Finally, while some people will still rush into stores to find the best deals on the two biggest shopping holidays of the year, many more are choosing to complete their shopping sprees electronically. Want to save money on shopping? You can get redirected here to get the best shopping deals and have items shipped right to their doors!

This is a particularly important trend to take note of if you generally draw a large portion of your revenue from sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as it is likely to extend to all other sales. This means that your messaging and offers will need to adapt to the digital world, and this adaptation is something you should work on sooner rather than later. 

The trend toward online shopping has gained extra momentum over the past couple of years, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. As such, we strongly recommend observing the above-mentioned customer trends and making adjustments to your operations accordingly.

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