21 Jobs That Are COVID Proof With High Starting Salaries

Many factors should be taken into account when deciding what jobs to apply for or what industry you plan on working in. One of the most valuable considerations is that of starting salary and how secure the job is against COVID. College graduates or candidates new to the workforce often choose careers that have a high salary starting off to increase their overall earning potential and pay off possible student debt. Knowing which jobs have high starting salaries is a good start but will survive COVID?  In this article, we discuss 20 positions with the highest starting salaries, as well as their primary duties that we believe will be there before, during, and after COVID. You may also seek assistance from an employment agency when searching for a job that fits your skills and experience.

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21 Jobs That Are COVID Proof With High Starting Salaries

1. Registered Nurse

National Average Salary: $33.03 per hour

Primary Duties: Registered nurses (RN), like a critical care nurse, evaluate and monitor patients, report symptoms, and record changes to patients’ medical conditions. They also administer medications, maintain medical records, order diagnostic tests, and collaborate with other nurses and physicians.

2. Human Resources Manager

National Average Salary: $72,003 per year

Primary Duties: A human resources manager is involved with recruiting and hiring new employees. They conduct exit interviews and manage the company’s healthcare plans. They recommend changes to company policies and make updates when necessary. HR is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States.The challenge to attract and retain the best employees, along with constantly changing regulations, has moved many organizations to search for the best and most qualified human resource professionals.

3. Lawyer

National Average Salary: $75,317 per year

According to sites like Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer, The Primary Duties of A lawyer communicates with their clients about the steps of the legal process, collects evidence and represents their client in court. Lawyers review discovery documents to identify the best approach to take when representing their clients.

4. Web Developer

National Average Salary: $75,752 per year

Primary Duties: A web developer writes code to incorporate into the design of a client’s website, communicates with the client about specifications and apply changes at their request. They also receive feedback from users to see if they need to improve the website’s functionality.


5. Business Analyst

National Average Salary: $78,102 per year

Primary Duties: A business analyst identifies an organization’s technological needs, produces budgets and reports and monitors the performance of IT staff members. They evaluate data to bolster a company’s business and technological processes as well as to generate sales.

6. Occupational Therapist

National Average Salary: $86,349 per year

Primary Duties: An occupational therapist examines a patient’s medical history, observes their activity and creates occupational therapy treatment plans. They guide patients through exercises to test the functionality of certain limbs, evaluate their progress and recommend improvements to their sessions.

7. Physical Therapist

National Average Salary: $88,858 per year

Primary Duties: A physical therapist collaborates with patients during sessions, helps increase their mobility and assists them with managing pain following an injury or a surgical procedure.

8. Chemical Engineer

National Average Salary: $90,409 per year

Primary Duties: A chemical engineer researches methods of manufacturing chemicals using computer models to solve problems regarding chemicals, food and related products. They apply mathematical and scientific concepts to develop safety procedures for handling potentially dangerous chemicals.

9. Database Administrator

National Average Salary: $95,025 per year

Primary Duties: A database administrator oversees a company’s software databases, along with user accounts and client records. They run tests on modifications to software databases, install updates and anti-virus programs, and track the performance of hardware and operating systems.

10. Statistician

National Average Salary: $95,552 per year

Primary Duties: Statisticians analyze trends and information to solve organizational problems. They gather data from polls and credible sources, explain the results they found from the data and make recommendations based on your conclusions.

11. Veterinarian

National Average Salary: $98,119 per year

Primary Duties: A veterinarian treats animals in need of medical attention, attending to injuries and helping to prevent diseases. They give medications to animals, use medical equipment and educate pet owners on the purpose of vaccinations and methods preventative care. So, if you’re someone who loves dealing with and treating animals, Vet Tech Jobs may provide you with job satisfaction. Discover new opportunities, and find the best Veterinary Jobs near your location or across the USA and Canada.

12. Petroleum Engineer

National Average Salary: $103,168 per year

Primary Duties: A petroleum engineer develops processes to extract oil and gas from under the earth’s surface. They design oil rigs to decrease environmental impacts and use updated technology to streamline the extraction process.

13. Computer Scientist

National Average Salary: $103,964 per year

Primary Duties: Computer scientists create and test computing languages, develop algorithms, improve computer performance and increase efficiency. They also present findings and advise the scientific community accordingly.

14. Physician Assistant

National Average Salary: $106,204 per hour

Primary Duties: A physician assistant performs physical exams, diagnoses patients, obtains medical records, prescribes medications and collaborate with a surgical team during procedures.

15. Product Manager

National Average Salary: $106,885 per year

Primary Duties: A product manager identifies potential products, provides necessary research and manages production. They hire sales employees, create sales goals, allocate responsibilities and work with the marketing department to find out if their campaigns align with the sales team’s efforts.

16. Software Engineer

National Average Salary: $108,175 per year.

Primary Duties: A software engineer creates software, tests functionality, develops models to write code and recommends improvement for existing applications.

17. Actuary

National Average Salary: $108,716 per year

Primary Duties: A actuary analyzes risk within the insurance industry. They craft insurance policies based on risk, determine rates for premiums and calculate the differences between policies. They work with market research professionals to identify the demand for insurance products.

18. Investment Banking Analyst

National Average Salary: $122,524 per year

Primary Duties: An investment banking analyst works with clients to make sure they’re maximizing their investments. They meet with clients regularly to go over goals and potential investment opportunities that can expand their portfolio and increase profit. Analysts might review financial reports and the assets of prospective companies to conclude if they are a valuable investment for the client.

19. Optometrist

National Average Salary: $123,787 per year

Primary Duties: An optometrist reviews a patient’s vision to find out if they need prescription glasses or contact lenses. They keep detailed records of a patient’s medical history, write referrals to other eye specialists and discuss best practices for proper eye care.

20. Data Scientist

National Average Salary: $124,134 per year

Primary Duties: A data scientist evaluates data to better understand its meaning. They combine programming, statistics and business logic to formulate their conclusions. They track social media data to see which content impacts their target audience and provide suggestions on what type of content to create.

21. Dentist

National Average Salary: $203,708 per year

Primary Duties: A good dentist similar to dentist Edmonton treats a patient’s teeth, gums and different parts of their mouth. Dentists extract teeth, fill cavities and perform oral surgical procedures. They also write prescriptions for oral medications and give anesthetics before oral procedures.


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