25 Passive Income Ideas


1. Affiliate marketing. Link products and get a portion of the money when somebody buys from your link. Looking for the best affiliate programs, check Kontely.com for a more comprehensive list.

2. Rent out a room. If you’re a property owner, make use of your extra room and rent it out.

3. Buy Dividend stocks

Join YouTube banner

4. Sell an online course

5. Start a podcast

6. Sell an ebook

7. Start a YouTube channel. Influencers make a lot of money from this. They buy YouTube subscribers to more engagement. Search for a niche that you’re comfortable with and make videos about it.

8. Drop-shipping store

9. Buy a profitable app

10. Buy a profitable website. You can check them out when you browse and research on Google Analytics.

What is Passive Income and How Do You Start Making It?

11. Leech off your parents 🙄

12. Hold stocks long term

13. Create an app

14. Rent out your car

15. Buy a parking lot and get line painting near me to ensure that your parking lot can accommodate vehicles of all sizes, meaning your customers will be happy

16. Start or buy vending machine business

17. Start an ATM business

18. Put ads on your car

19. Crowdfunded real estate

20. Buy an existing business

21. Run subscription service such as chat rooms like RumbleTalk and more.

22. Sell products on online, eBay, and Amazon, etc.

23. Be a silent business partner

24. Sell print on demand merch: t-shirts, mugs, etc, are a booming business right now with low investment and huge returns.

25. Hire virtual experts or assistants: website designers, SEO, marketing, and resell their services.


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