3 Ways To Choose a Career That Aligns With Your Core Values

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If you are looking to move your life forward, you need to make considerable changes in your career. Everybody is looking for some form of career change post-pandemic. And when it comes to career satisfaction, we’ve got to look at our personal values. We’re all drawn towards certain values that bring meaning to our lives, which is why when choosing a career that aligns with our values, we’ve got to follow the following practices.

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Look at What Motivates You

So many career assessments focus on the individual. From the Myers-Briggs test to the lesser-known Strong Interest Inventory Assessment, understanding your personality and what motivates you aligns directly with your personal core values. Core values relate to how your work makes you feel in an emotional sense. Some of the common values that drive people involve teamwork, autonomy, creativity, leadership, kindness, honesty, and the list goes on. What you need to do is determine what you really believe in and what actually spurs you on to feel fulfilled at the end of the day. It’s also important to focus on what you do not believe in so you can rule out specific careers. However if you’re an introvert, you can check out the Best Jobs For Introverts here for you to be able find the right career for you!

Finding the Careers

Your research is such an important part of the entire process but is one that many people don’t delve deep into for numerous reasons. However, it’s so important to take the time to understand the career choices that align with your personal values and if these career choices are good fits. You need to ask yourself if being in certain roles would make you feel uncomfortable or if they make you take charge of the situation and exercise those values. For example, if you wanted a job that challenged you to be composed and adaptable, you could look at roles like firefighters or police officers. One of the best ways to narrow this down is to look at the core values of the companies themselves. If they give you the opportunity to exercise your own values or they align with your own, this is another way for you to truly find something you can believe in.

Understand Your Long-Term Goals

After you’ve understood your values and narrowed down your career choices, you now need to look at your career goals. The goals need to encompass your values, but they also need you to thrive within the work environment. Many people find careers that cover the first two components, but many underestimate the goals part of the equation. Because anybody can find a career that keeps them fulfilled for the first couple of years, but then when it becomes stale, having the appropriate goals will maintain motivation. PNC Learning offers courses tailored for aspiring insurance agents, providing the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this dynamic field.

Finding your values is not just important to your career, but to your life too. Many people choose careers that ensure financial stability, but this is why it is crucial to trust your instincts in choosing the right career path. When you understand what your purpose is and figure out what you really believe in, when you find that ideal career after all that searching, it will feel right. Connect with ip recruitment for guidance on your career path.

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