5 Reasons to Use Video in Your Marketing Endeavors



You’re working hard on your marketing strategies for your business, and you feel you’ve got a good grasp on what you need to do. You’re great about updating social media, and you have your name and brand out there in the community. But wait…have you thought about video marketing? If not, find some way to make it happen, because video marketing is big.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has become one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing. Think about it, people used to get their video marketing from commercials, but now with streaming TV and DVR, many ofcommercials on TV are being skipped over. Or are they? People are still watching them, but in a different context. With mobile devices part of our daily lives, people are watching commercials created for TV online, but they’re also watching other forms of video marketing.They see them on YouTube, on websites, from Twitter and Facebook. Adding video marketing to your marketing repertoire is a great idea. Here are some big reasons why…

1.Videos are effective, whether you do it or outsource it. People are visually focused and like to watch videos on their mobile devices. By combining the senses, visual and auditory, you’re hitting up your customer in two ways. It’s a moment of escape that a consumer can relish. If you’re afraid that your skills aren’t strong enough to create compelling video, you can hire a company, like LAI Video, to create this for you. A company can confer with you and give you just what you want in a professional, convincing concept.

  1. Consumers watch video. According to post on LinkedIn, “YouTube alone receives more than 4 billion views every single day. It’s also the 2 largest search engine next to Google. In addition, 78% of people watch a video at least once a week and 55% of people watch videos every day.” That is a lot of watching videos. Get yours out there and you’ll get noticed. Know your customer base and gear your video towards them, and yourkey demographics will take notice of your product or service.
  1. Videos are shareable. People love to share video. It’s an easy format to pass onto someone, and it’s also kind of a social thing. The better your video is, the more it will be shared. Whether consumers are sharing it for its product value, its educational merit, or purely for entertainment, they do share them. The fact that people can watch on their mobile device when they want to, makes them the perfect piece of marketing material. Someone can send a video to a friend and it can be watched within seconds, or saved for another time.
  1. Videos are worth the cost. Because video is easier to make than it once was, it is quite cost effective. Whether you are outsourcing or using your iPhone and an app, video marketing can fit in your budget. High end, professional videos are great for marketing, but it’s not unheard of to see a homemade video go viral and help a product take off. Whatever your budget may be, video marketing should have some of it.
  1. Videos are persuasive. People are beginning to expect videos when researching and purchases. Say you own an online retail company. Videos are almost necessary to get a real view of your product. From shoes to clothesto purses to carpets to toys, videos can showcase a product and convince the buyer it’s what he’s looking for. If you offer a service, like dog grooming or birthday parties, a great video can persuade the consumer your service is the one to choose. Videos increase average page conversion rates by 86% and the majority of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in making online purchases.

Go for the Video

If you’re thinking your marketing needs an upgrade or just want to get in tighter with your competition, go for the video. Whether you create video marketing on your own or outsource it, it can do great things for your business. People are starting to expect video, and you don’t want to disappoint. Add it to your website, your social media and make sure you have a YouTube channel. Before you know it, your video may be the one being passed around and seen by everyone.


Image Source: http://www.bizreport.com/images/shutterstock/2013/04/onlinevideo_135877229-thumb-380xauto-2057.jpg

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