5 Things That Make Dubai Truly Unique

One of the hippest yet luxurious cities on the face of the planet, Dubai is expressive, vibrant, full of culture and therefore never ceases to impress. If you’ve been planning to go to Dubai, here are a few things that make it a truly unique city.

1: The Flair and Luxury

This is perhaps one of the most noticeable things about this city. Here you’ll be able to live in luxury from $35,000 a night stays at the Burj Al Arab Hotel – what some people also refer to as “seven star”. Policemen also have luxury cars such as Bentleys and Porsches and even a Lamborghini. Of course, these high-performance luxury vehicles are only to be used in tourist areas, but where else do you know of a policeman’s vehicle being that exotic?

You can also have high tea in the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa. We can go on and on but, if this doesn’t scream extravagant, what does?

2: Its Roots Are Still Ingrained In Culture

With the high influx of expats coupled with the fast growth and modernization of the city. It’s very astonishing to see that Emiratis (both young and old) are still very much aware of their traditions and actively continue to practice them.

3: It has a large expatriate community

The expat population is a staggering 80%. Ask yourself – how many other nations allow this? This is one of the things that make this city unique as it certainly adds to its diverseness, making it a culturally colorful city. Therefore, the Dubai property market offers a variety of options for the expat community too and the Dubai Creek Harbour neighbourhood and the Emaar Beachfront apartments is one which encompasses what Dubai stands for. Hot projects like Madinat Jumeirah Living apartments & Port de La Mer are also quite popular among the expat community.

4: It Features The World’s Tallest Building And The World’s Largest Mall

At the heart of downtown Dubai is where you can find the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building which stands at a majestic 828m! It’s a spectacle to be seen. The Dubai Mall, which is also the largest mall in the world with 1,200 outlets, also lies within close proximity to the Burj Khalifa. These two architectural marvels are certainly indicative of what Dubai has to offer. These two structures are also within close proximity to the Dubai Creek Harbour hence; comfort and luxury are never far away.

5: It Has Grown From The Desert

To understand the true marvel that this nation is today would require a journey to the past. Before the discovery of oil, its roots lay in pearl diving and fishing and that was the basis of how cities like Dubai were formed. Therefore, to see it grow and develop over a short span of time due to innovation and foresight, it nothing short of unique.


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