Adding Some Happiness To You Workspace


Having a bright and healthy workplace can significantly improve the output of your workforce.  Not one wants to come to work in a dark and miserable work place.  Adding some nice plants or art here and there can really get you a return on investment quickly.

We aren’t saying that you should go out and purchase an apple tree and plant it next to your indoor waterfall, like you see in the mall.  We are just saying that a Dendrobium Orchid on the counter could really make a difference in the right situation.

If that $100 you spend on extra decorations can increase your production by just 10%, you would be crazy not to give it a try.  Most people spend a whole lot more than that to try to increase their productivity.

Add Some Plants

Plants are great for improving the overall concept of a room very quickly.  Even people that don’t consider themselves “plant people” will still appreciate a little green and a little more oxygen in the air.

Look at some indoor flowering plants that can add a splash of color without needing much care.  You don’t want to take on too much work or you will be wasting your time and money.  Some flowers are better than others so make sure to ask someone before you just pick a few and walk out of the store.

Orchids are a very good office plant to start out with.  They produce stunning flowers that will last for several months at a time with minimum maintenance.  They can be placed just about anywhere because they do not need direct sunlight.  Water them about twice a week and they will last much longer that you would expect.

If you have large areas in your office that just look bare, fill them with a large ground plant to make the space more inviting.  Empty spaces take the attention away from the rest of the office and make people wonder why your office is not fully furnished.

Hang Some Art

Art is a bit tricky for a lot of people and we understand.  If you take a look at some real art though, you are sure to find a few pieces that you like.  Find a few pieces in a few different sizes just to break up the monotony of the office.

You don’t need to find a piece that you understand and can tell the story about, just find something that you think looks good.  It might even be something that draws guests attention and becomes a bit of a conversation starter.  Art is a good way to bridge the gap between two different groups of people.


Interior decoration is something that most people overlook when designing and office.  Everyone has different requirements on what they need based on who might walk in the door.  You might not have potential customers walking through the door on a daily basis, but if you can cheer your secretary up it might be worth the effort!

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