Android Development for Beginners: Best Resources for your first app

No matter how experienced you are on developing Android apps, gaining knowledge on new information can help benefit the way the way you work. After Google announced the Android Nanodegree on Udacity, more developers are expected to join the Android community for developers.

In this article, we will be going over the best Android Development resources to not only help you gain insight on making apps but making an app on your own.

Use More Than Java

Although you may not have perfected the Java language, you can still code Android apps. However, these apps will mainly be hybrid apps, which are mobile apps that are designed using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Another great option is using full-stack and Ionic Framework for your app to allow for push notifications and more. Site Point is a good resource for learning more about Ionic mobile development if you go in that direction.

NativeScript is a form of newer framework that can allow developers to take advantage of Javascript to make apps for iOS, Android, and eventually, Windows.

If you know more about C# development, Xamarin.Android is a good resource that highlights building apps using C# and Mono. This code is closely related to Java code and can help with building hybrid mobile applications.

Keeping Yourself Up To Date

You can find a lot of information in blogs about coding for Android as well. The most popular online blogs to follow are Android Developers Blog and Android Official Blog. Especially, since both are created by people who have previously worked for Android.

Android Weekly is another great option that can help you stay updated with Android Development via their free online newsletter. Similar to Android Weekly are Android Central and Android Authority, which are filled with Android news and reviews.

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Read Through Libraries

As a developer, you should keep the DRY code in mind, for Don’t Repeat Yourself. This rule applies to every code you write, always be on the lookout for repeated code and always revise your work. Luckily for you, Awesome Android has a variety of different libraries to view, which is categorized by function.

Other great Android libraries include Android Arsenal, which has a variety of tools and apps. As well as Awesome Android Security that has a variety of libraries on app security. However, they also have analysis, reverse engineering and decompiler tools.

An Ultimate Guide on What to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Application

Design the Best Apps

App users decide whether or not they want to download or keep your app within 30 seconds. If your app isn’t appealing or put together poorly, don’t expect them to continue using them.

For detailed information about better app design, read through the work of Ava Ivanoff and Joyce Echessa. They have a number of great articles to better understand how to improve your app.

Other resources include Awesome Android UI, which is a UI library that can make your app more appealing. As well as Andoriduiux, which is a blog that can help you better develop your UX and UI of your app.

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Organize Your Code

Not every developer uses the same style of coding. This can make is hard to work on a project with an Android Development Company or even understand their code. Using a standardized coding style gives everyone a set of rules to abide by and can make life a lot easier for every developer involved. Consider using Google’s Java Style Guide for all of your Java coding. This guide essentially functions as an unofficial PSR standard. On GitHub, check out Futurice’s Android Best Practices and Android Boilerplate by hitherejoe. Both of these contain essential guidelines on everything you may need to know when writing code.

There are tons of resources out there for novice Android developers that will make creating your first app easier than ever before. Did we miss any of your favorite resources? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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