Apple to make 85M iPhones in 2023

Apple is aiming to produce about 85 million iPhone 15s this year, keeping its production numbers roughly in line with last year’s, reports Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources. While that may seem like a tall order — given global economic tensions and a projected decline in the smartphone market as a whole — Apple plans to avoid those difficulties by raising the prices on its Pro models. The fates of some of the world’s biggest companies, such as Foxconn and Samsung, rely on the success of the iPhone, as do millions of jobs in the U.S., India, China and elsewhere.

  • Apple’s shares have risen almost 50% this year, making it the world’s first $3 trillion company.
  • Global smartphone sales have declined for eight quarters in a row.


By Emma W. Thorne, Editor at LinkedIn News

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The anticipated Apple event in September 2023 is likely to take place during the second week of the month, possibly on either Wednesday, September 13, or Thursday, September 14. This timing aligns with the company’s usual schedule for unveiling new iPhones. As the event approaches, numerous speculations have emerged about the products that might be introduced.

The following are some of the most probable announcements:

1. iPhone15 lineup: The new iPhone 15 series is expected to comprise four models: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

2. AppleWatch Series 9: The Apple Watch Series 9 is anticipated to showcase a fresh design along with enhanced health tracking features.

3. New AppleWatchUltra2: An updated version of the Apple Watch, known as the Apple Watch Ultra 2, is also among the expected announcements.

4. USB-C AirPodsPro: The upcoming AirPods Pro is rumored to sport a new design and improved noise cancellation capabilities, featuring USB-C connectivity.

5. HomePodmini: Rumors suggest that the HomePod mini may be offered in a new color option.

In addition to these, there are also some rumors about other products that could be announced at the event, such as a new Macmini or a new AppleTV. However, these remain unconfirmed as are just rumors at this point and should be treated as confirmed until the actual event unfolds.


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💵 A list of the “Trillion Dollar Club” and who gained access to this exclusive upper echelon of global powerhouses in the last years*:

$3 Trillion
2023: Apple
$2 Trillion
2021: Microsoft, Alphabet
2020: Apple
2019: Saudi Aramco$1 Trillion
2023: NVIDIA
2021: Meta, Tesla
2020: Alphabet
2019: Saudi Aramco, Microsoft
2018: Apple, Amazon
2007: PetroChina❓ So how much are three trillion dollars:

To put things into perspective, according to IMF’s GDP rankings:
🇮🇳 India’s total productivity is estimated to reach $3.7 T
🇬🇧 UK’s GDP comes in at $3.2T
🇺🇸 California, the US state with the highest GDP, at $3.5T

Or from a more tangible perspective:
🌍 Total debt of continental Africa was $726.5 Billion in 2021 (statista). Though crushing on the local national economic developments of the majority of the 54 African countries, it represents less than a quarter of Apple’s market cap.

Estimates say Apple will grow another 800 billion this year, and Microsoft will join Apple’s 3 trillion club in 2024. The trajectories are all pointing upward. The numbers are dizzying.

Time to buy a country out of debt soon? Or let’s build a network of best universities and schools across the countries of lowest GDP and highest debt and foster the best talents in markets of highest need… or perhaps rethink this system of shareholder value and economic growth. I know this is simplifying to the max, but perhaps things are simpler than they appear at times.

It’s up to us. ✨

(*World of Statistics)

BY: Pascal Morgan

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