As Per Your Exact Specifications: 8 Tips for Choosing the Right Natural Stone for Your Needs

Quarried stone is used both inside and outside both residential and commercial buildings. It is important to match the stone to its intended use and the best stone companies help the property owner do just that. Stone can be used for countertops, interior walls, and floors, building cladding, stone paving, patios, and more. Each type of installation and type of stone being used requires special installation methods. Those who need a Kitchen quartz countertop installation may hire a contractor that has the skills and experience that can guarantee excellent results.

Find the Right Kind of Stone For The Purpose

Talk to a natural stone supplier for advice on the correct stone to use for a specific project. The correct stone offers strength, beauty, and durability. 8 tips for choosing the right stone include:

  1. Obtain a good understanding of stone cladding or other stone uses.
  2. Hire an architect with a good understanding and background in stone use.
  3. Consider the weight and other properties of the stone choices.
  4. Choose a safe and reliable fixing system for exterior wall cladding. Systems include traditional handset cladding where the stone is affixed to a pre-constructed backing system, the Rainscreen principle where stone panels are installed using a concealed hanging system or an exposed clip system, or a custom cladding system specified by the architect.
  5. know the stone material categorizations. They include basalt, bluestone, granite, Jerusalem stone, marble, limestone, and slate. Some stones require more care and are more vulnerable to the weather. Each stone type has its own look and characteristics to consider.
  6. Pay attention to aesthetics which are affected by how the stone is quarried and cut. These include color, pattern, texture, and finish such as honed, polished, or sandblasted. Match these aesthetics with the design of the building and the final look required. A polished finish is smooth and glossy with the contrast of design and colors emphasized. A honed finish means the material has been ground to a smooth finish without gloss. A sandblasted finish is a rough but neat finish with no gloss.
  7. Use the Correct Installation Method

Using the correct installation method for a specific project determines the success of the project. Interior uses require stones quarried and cut for that purpose. The walls and flooring will be installed using interior setting materials and grouts. Countertops will be laid on strong bases and properly secured.

Exterior Flat Surfaces

  1. Exterior stone used for paving and hardscape projects must use outdoor installation methods.

Mortar set installation is commonly used for pedestrian or vehicular traffic areas requiring rigid systems with little movement. Both setting materials and grout are used here.

Sand set installation is used where a concrete base is not as practical as a base. This is a more flexible system using polymeric sand to fill the joints and a sand setting bed.

The bituminous set is a setting method involving oil-based bituminous material as a base.

Pedestal set is a system that works where drainage is needed and requires larger stones and can be used in rooftops or for plazas. If you want to use cement for paving, you can hire a concrete paving company.

Using Stone for Green Building Projects

Choosing the perfect natural stone for a building project is a sustainable building choice. Since stone is a natural product from the earth, it is more ecologically friendly than some other cladding choices for buildings. It might also be a cost-effective choice over time since it requires less maintenance than some building materials. Stone is also able to be recycled. When the stone is installed properly it will add beauty and style to any building project.

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