Be Creative Standardizing Processes

While standard and creative don’t often work together, the World Horizon leader actually is creative in the planning process. Understanding that the flow of information and processes is important to success, true leaders will design a workflow that makes sense and will empower staff members to implement their own strategies of success.

Regid requirements lead to monotonous production. The cut-and-paste attitude that will develop from mundane processes may actually lead to slower production and drab results. For example, if there are expectations that a communication office has a schedule to be followed every day, there may be expectations that deviating from this schedule may interrupt a workflow. When there is an open flow of communication that is not micro-managed by overzealous administrators, staff is able to commence with activity that is free from constraints and operational impasses.

Swinging gates of communication are the days about which many staff members dream. Certain operations will be required due to the nature of the work or the information; however, allowing employees the freedom to be part of processes will encourage their creativity in work done outside of standardized tasks. Having an attitude of free flowing ideas will be contagious, and the results will impact the organization from the ground up.

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Andrea Pitasi, Ph.D., is an author, scholar and business consultant who specializes in international strategic planning. Professor Pitasi is a tenured associate of sociology of intellectual property law at Gabriele d’Annunzio University and the life honorary president of the World Complexity Science Academy. He also is president of the Hypercitizen Investment Club. For more information, email or whspitasi at Visit, or

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