Beneficial Ways to Cure Boredom

Humans get bored easily, which probably explains why we have such a bloody history. War gave people something to focus on. Seeing as war isn’t exactly fashionable nowadays you’ll need to find new ways to keep yourself entertained. What if I told you that there were in fact ways you could cure your boredom and improve yourself? If that excites you, then read on:


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Geoguessr Makes You Better at Geography

Geoguessr drops you down onto the world map, in a Google Earth, style interface and you get to travel around and figure out where you are. It’s a really fun game, which allows you learn a bit about geography, whilst wasting hours of your life. It’ll cure your boredom, but you might get addicted. The game really gets its teeth into you, when your guess is really close as most of the time you’ll probably be thinking you’re in China when you’re actually in Magaluf, but occasionally you make a good estimate and you feel like a geography wizard.

The Wiki Game Will Make You More Knowledgeable

This is a hard game to explain, but it’s actually really simple to play. You get dropped into a random Wikipedia article and you have a target article that you need to get to by clicking on the links in the article. You usually have a time limit or a certain amounts of clicks as a target, but the game is really fun, plus you learn ‘stuff’. If you need an example the game might drop you into the Wikipedia article for the actress Sally Fields and you have to get to the article about Sinbad the Sailor, so you would have to find links that got you there. You might find the link to Mrs. Doubtfire in Sally’s article and then get to the article about Robin Williams who starred in that film, and then from there find the Aladdin article for the Disney film and then onto the Arabian Nights page and finally the Sinbad page. You get the gist? If not, play it and you’ll pick it up right away.

Survey Junkie Will Make You Richer… a Bit

Am I the only person who actually finds surveys fun to do? Probably, but anyway, Survey Junkie will point you in the direction of companies who will pay random people to fill out surveys so that they can improve their service or whatever it is they want. You’re not going to make your fortune doing this, but it will keep you occupied when you’re bored, plus you’ll earn a bit of pocket money.

Magic Pen Will Improve Your Logic Skills

There are hundreds of games on the internet that will help your logic skills, but Magic Pen is a favorite of mine. You have a problem to solve and you can draw shapes with the magic pen. By drawing the right shapes you solve the problems. Some of these puzzles are really tough, so make sure you have the patience to try and solve them.

See, you can cure your boredom and improve your life. Okay, none of these are actually going to shake the foundations of your life, but they will keep you entertained and will benefit you in the small ways I mentioned.

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