Benefits of the WhiteBIT Exchange App


Many platforms are operating for crypto traders and investors on the internet. Still, only a few of them are credible. Experienced crypto investors usually have accounts on centralized exchanges and decentralized ones. Centralized platforms operate like traditional financial establishments. They have central management that keeps track of illegal activities and notices suspicious actions. Clients entrust their investments to exchanges and receive decent protection against fraudulent schemes.

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When it comes to decentralized exchanges, it is essential to mention that they don’t store users’ funds in their wallets; thus, there are no guarantees about the safety of transactions. Of course, experienced users can find out which platform is credible and which is not, but for a beginner trader, it is better to start working with centralized sites.

Large and credible crypto platforms offer many options for convenient and profitable work, such as:

  • Staking
  • Margin trading
  • Leverage
  • Spot trading
  • P2P
  • Opportunity to purchase crypto with fiat

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Mobile applications are a must-have for crypto exchanges because they enable quick and convenient trading. WhiteBIT exchange offers one of the best apps for beginner traders. Let’s consider its features and opportunities.

WhiteBIT Crypto Exchange App

It is essential to mention that WhiteBIT has over 2 million users worldwide, offers more than 400 crypto pairs, and operates in 150 countries. Even though the company is pretty young, it has gained the trust of many people who leave positive reviews on its app and call it the best crypto exchange app. Now, let’s talk about the app itself. It has been recently updated and has become even more convenient for users.

The main page of the crypto exchange app contains comprehensive information for client’s, where they can navigate and instantly switch across pages:

  • The amount available on balance in equivalent to BTC and USDT
  • The account section
  • Section to choose a crypto pair
  • There is also a quick access bar where users can pick the desired section:
  • Deposit assets
  • Connect with customer support specialists
  • Quick exchange of digital assets and fiat
  • AML – allows to check the address engaged in money laundering

The app’s main page also contains a carousel of banners that give more information about the products and activities of the platform.

The updated design of the WhiteBIT app, reasonable fees, a huge selection of crypto pairs, and an attractive affiliate program makes it the best mobile crypto exchange.

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