Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers – Even the Best Require Service

Birchmeier backpacks are the best backpack sprayers on the market.  Just because you buy a quality piece of equipment, doesn’t mean you can ignore service and maintenance.  You have heard me say that Birchmeier backpack sprayers, like all spray equipment, can be long-lasting if you follow a few simple rules:



– Clean it out

– Don’t overpressurize it

– Let the pressure off after each use

– Perform preventative maintenance.


Birchmeier backpack sprayers have an additional requirement.  Birchmeiers must be lubricated to ensure proper operation.  The backpacks contain a piston that must be tightened to apply grease to keep the pump mechanism lubricated.  The grease is stored in a reservoir.  Right – photo of the grease reservior.  Give the grease piston a quarter turn once a week to apply lubrication.  More if used frequently, less if not.

Birchmeier sells a grease designed specifically for its backpacks.  You can buy grease, and all Birchmeier replacement parts on our website.

With proper care, your Birchmeier should last many years.

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