Book Interview with Steve Farrell ” A New Universal Dream “


From the pinnacle of Silicon Valley success as co-founder of two high-tech firms, Steve Farrell pivoted to lead Humanity’s Team, a global nonprofit helping people everywhere awaken to our interconnectedness. He details his journey from the American Dream to conscious leadership in his new book, “A New Universal Dream.” Steve and Humanity’s Team offer educational programs in business, science, spirituality, creativity, relationships, healing, and conscious living through multiple platforms including their Humanity Stream+ streaming service. Learn more at





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The Title of Your Book?

 A New Universal Dream

Why did you write the book?

I felt like I was called to write the book. I realized that this whole thing that we call in Humanity’s Team “conscious living” is kind of new and different in today’s world. I wanted to create something of value to others who are on this conscious journey.

 What was your biggest surprise or aha moment when writing your book?

How challenging it is to write a book like this, that covers over 50 years of my life and that tells the Humanity’s Team story from its launch to today.  I wanted the book to be truthful and I didn’t want to leave anything out so this required a lot of careful attention.

Who is your ideal audience for the book?

Business people, because that is who I was in the for-profit world, and now in the nonprofit world–as well as anyone who is on the conscious journey.

Tell us, how do you deal with fear?

It is not just an exaggeration that fear is false evidence appearing real. I remind myself that there really is nothing to fear. In fact, part of what conscious living is about is letting go of not only fearful thoughts, but any thoughts that get in the way of what you are co-creating during this lifetime.

Tell us, how do you deal with rejection?

I think part of the conscious journey is that – the whole noise of the world – you don’t pay attention to it. Whether people love you or can’t stand you is really irrelevant. I don’t pay attention to rejection. If you read the book, in my early years–in my thirties–I left a safe career with IBM to be an entrepreneur. And then I left Silicon Valley to found Humanity’s Team. I would have fallen apart altogether if I took rejection too seriously. Through living consciously, we pay attention to our inner voice, not the outside world and what people think of you.

Tell us two concepts or ideas you want the reader to takeaway?

1.      Tune out the worldly noise and tune into your soul’s calling, which is your inner voice. That voice is the one that gives true guidance and will take us to the destiny for which we are born. And the worldly noise is just that.
2.      Most of us were raised with a notion that we are made in the likeness and image of god. That is supported by the majority of the religions both Western and Eastern. And it’s something that most of us have read but not taken to heart, to live fully this way. We must understand that we are sons and daughters of the most high (father-mother-God) and sent here at a time when humanity and the earth are greatly challenged. The drumbeat of climate change and war, creates disempowerment. So we were sent here to help pivot in the direction of the Great Shift of the Ages, to live into this now, as offspring of the most high.  In this way, we become the remedy to the challenges so many are experiencing. We must remember that it is our destiny to stretch into our most truthful, highest self, in service. When we live fully into this, then we can have a great life and we assist others in doing this also.

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Name one of the biggest challenges you have faced writing your book and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was that I’m not really by talent or gift, a literary writer. I’m more of a business writer. So for this book to be impactful I needed it to be a strong literary product. This meant I had to work with a team that could help edit and make it the full personal story that I wanted it to be. Fortunately, within Humanity’s Team and outside Humanity’s Team, there were gifted writers that are good at literary writing. They took my more business style of writing and helped to make it more breezy, relaxed and fun.

What’s a personal self-talk, mantra, affirmation, or self-belief that contributes to your success?

This is the one that is integral to conscious living: there really is no separation. This isn’t hyperbole or something, it’s really true. What mystics have said, and what science is now confirming, everything is one. There is a universal consciousness that animates everything. We are all cells in the body of one. This is the whole purpose of life and evolution. When we understand this and live into this we are very powerful and we assist in creating healing in the world.

How can people contact you?

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