Bucks Party Ideas in Newcastle That Are Worth Your Money


Looking to have a great time during bucks day? Here’s a list of cool activities that are sure to guarantee a fun-filled day for you and your friends.

Pub Crawl in a Party Bus

How about switching things up a bit and doing a pub crawl in the daytime? Better yet in a Party Bus. Get your friends on board and have a blast checking out the best Newcastle has to offer. While it’s true that Newcastle has some great bars, chances are you’ll mostly enjoy time spent on the bus. Party Buses are pimped up, cozy, have great music and you get to bring your own booze. What’s more, there’s a stripper pole in there! Now it would be a real shame if that pole wasn’t put to good use. Hire one of the exceptional female strippers in Newcastle to lighten things up.

Go on a Fishing Trip

This is a great activity for the morning hours when everybody’s fresh and in high spirits. So get your equipment, carry a couple of cases of beer and go get yourselves some fish. You can make things more exciting by declaring a competition to see who gets the most fish.

Take a Boat Cruise on Lake Macquarie

If fishing isn’t for you, why not charter a boat and take a cruise around Lake Macquarie? You could always keep things quiet and low key during your cruise. But then again, you could always rev things up a notch and have a proper day bucks day party! Play some loud music and carry plenty of booze to last you a while. Your guest will doubtlessly welcome the booze. More so if it’s handed to them by a couple of topless waitresses you could hire for the occasion. Some eye candy never hurt anybody.

Go Karting

Do your friends beat you at car-racing video games and you want to get them back? Why not invite them Go Karting and have one of the most fun-filled days you could have in Newcastle. Up the stakes a bit by having a prize for the overall winner after you’ve completed all the races. And since you don’t want any slackers in the competition, have something humiliating in store for the person who comes in last. It’s all fun and games at the end of the day.

Night-Time Ideas

The best buck show ideas in Newcastle aren’t by any means limited to the day. Here are two remarkable ideas that are sure to make that night memorable.

Casino Night

This won’t be your regular poker night. There’ll be some fun-filled gambling going on but that’s where the similarities end. Inform us where you’ll be having your casino night and we’ll come over and set it up for you. If the great food and drinks won’t cheer you up then the female strippers appearing later certainly will. Meanwhile, you’ll have to content yourself with the topless waitress serving you delicious food.


No bucks night in Newcastle is complete without a stripper. If you’re having a bachelor party for your friend, don’t do him the disservice of one denying him one last good dance by a gorgeous stripper. The wide variety of strippers in Newcastle will guarantee that all your pals will get their type. You can host the strippers on a Party Bus, on your boat or in your rooms. The choice is yours.

Bucks day is meant to be a day for having fun and creating memories. As long as you are in Newcastle, you’ve really got no excuse for not having a good time.

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