Carpool Incentives for Employees


Are you looking for ways to incentivize your employees? There are many ways to give incentives to employees. Some of the best incentives for employees include making a positive impact on the environment. When you, as a boss, can motivate your employees to take action to help nurture the environment, you are doing a wonderful thing for your employees, as well as the earth.

One of the best ways to offer employee incentives and to help the environment at the same time is to offer carpool incentives. Carpool incentives encourage your employees to save on fuel costs, fuel use, and also work to encourage camaraderie and teamwork. It is a win-win situation. If you are looking for ways to encourage your employees to carpool to work and back, here are some ideas for you to consider.

Time Off Work

It’s a good bet that every employee in your organization would appreciate some time off work as a reward for carpooling to and from work. Although the time off work is not technically free for you to give, it is an incentive that doesn’t cost you direct money out of your pocket. The paid time off work could come in the form of one extra vacation day per year, getting to leave early one day a week for two months, or simply an extra-long lunch hour for a month or two. Employees who have family obligations will likely be especially very receptive to the idea of paid time off in exchange for carpooling to work and back.

Free Gifts

Another nice incentive for group commuting is to offer a free gifts to employees who agree to carpool to work. As a company with many employees, you might be able to purchase some gift items in bulk to give as gifts to employees who enroll in the carpooling program. Appropriate gift items include televisions, tablets, or gift cards. In addition, these gift items would be considered a tax deduction for the company.

Free Gas

Since the price of gas is now comparatively reasonable, it would probably be affordable for your company to offer free gas for employees who enroll in the carpool program at your company. Whoever does the driving and picks up and drops off the employees could receive a fuel gift card from the company to pay for the gas that they use to and from work. This would be a great way to demonstrate to your employees how important it is for you and your company to support employees that make a small sacrifice in order to help the environment.

Company Car

If your company is able, it would be wonderful to supply a company car that one or more employees can use to transport the other employees back and forth from the office. The company car should be comfortable, in top performance mode, and the fuel should be paid for by the company. The company car is, of course a tax deduction for the company, which is a big benefit. However, the biggest benefit is being able to communicate to your employees how important their comfort is as they participate in the carpooling program.

Free Lunch

If employees demonstrating willingness in carpool at least some of the time, one of the best incentives that you can offer them is to provide free lunch. The company could provide this in the form of restaurant gift cards, or have a prepaid account with a local restaurant that will deliver lunch to the office. Those employees who carpool could place their order and have their lunch paid for each day.

As you can see, there are many ways to support the earth and to incentivize your employees to carpool to work and back. Even if the carpooling is just a few days per month, that can have a dramatic effect on the earth’s environment. And that is worth working for.


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