Collaborate with Influencers to Give Your Instagram Business Profile a Boost

Social media is nowadays used as a business branding and marketing platform rather than a place for chitchatting. It is a known thing to every business owner. From small to large scale businesses, everyone wants to make their online presence more commendable as well as successful with social media. Various social media websites are there. People genially use Facebook and Twitter for business marketing. Apart from them, many other social media platforms are there, offering excellent business marketing opportunity. When it comes to opportunity, you will find no dearth of that. However, webmasters lack skills and technical expertise for business marketing through social platforms.

For example, when it comes to business marketing with Instagram, we get stuck with some conventional ideas. Sharing some product or service related photos, making some exciting posts and using hashtags meticulously is not just enough. These are important, but they are not only good enough to fetch useful business marketing results with Instagram. You need to find bloggers or brand influencers on this social media platform. Getting linked with them will help your business to gain more exposure. Such technique of collaboration for business marketing is well known but limitedly practiced by small-scale businesses, especially new companies.

So, you need to explore this option as small business owner. So, how to get collaborated with bloggers and brand influencers? Well, you can get linked up with them in a few simple steps. Those steps have been discussed in the following section of this article.

Finding Bloggers and Brand Influencers

Finding bloggers for getting collaborated is not a difficult thing, though many business owners do not know this process. As they are ignorant on this process, they perceive it as complicated. It is a common human trait to consider something as complicated when we lack enough knowledge on it. To omit complications, you should know the process well. Now, the question is how to find these bloggers or brand influencers? Well, in this world of internet-based communication, do we need to face a hard time in finding something? Anything you want to search, you can ask it to Google or search it on the internet.

All you need to do is to search some blogs for your business niche or domain. For example, if you run a restaurant or home delivery canteen business, you need to search for blogs that are run by foodies. You need to find the blogs that feature information on various home delivery services in a specific area. Once you have found such blogs, you need to create a list of them. You need to check the popularity of such blogs. The best way of judging their reputation is to check their Google search page ranking.

Now, you need to check the person or group of persons who run these blogs. You can easily find them, and their Instagram profiles as everyone links blogs with their social media website profiles so that they can get real Instagram followers. Once you have found their profiles, you need to talk to them and give them the idea of collaboration. It would be a mutual business contract. Both would be benefitted with such agreements.

Setting Up Contract Terms and Conditions

To create a professional business contract, you need to create a list of terms and conditions. You need to make sure that the terms and conditions will protect the interest of your business. However, at the same time, it should have something beneficial for the blogger as well. The idea is to getting benefitted mutually. Blogger or brand influencer would have his or her own set of terms and conditions. He may have his own unique pricing policies. You should go for negotiations for terms if required. That is the most crucial step for collaboration. Taking a firm stand in such scenario would not help your business to grow. You need to compromise on specific policies, and you have to invest a considerable amount to get a valuable return. No good thing comes without cost.

Running Business Slogan Contests

Running contests or special business events would attract many budding bloggers and brand influencers. For example, you can run a caption contest on your Instagram profile. Using this contest will help your business to grow. You shall find that budding, and experienced bloggers will participate in the contest, provided that you have lucrative prizes in offering for winners. It is not just a caption or slogan for your business; you shall get in touch with many professional bloggers who may show interest in business collaboration. So, you should never miss out such opportunity for business collaboration. A lot of other innovative methods are there, and business owners should try them out to get easy collaboration on Instagram.


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