Cubicle-Free Zone: Creative Office Design Tips for Sparking Imagination and Collaboration


A drab, dull office space is bad for employee job satisfaction and for productivity. You probably know this already, but perhaps you don’t know how to change your office to turn it into a more inspiring place to work.

Here are some tips to do just that so you can ensure your office is a place that your employees want to spend their time.

Create Different Zones

A great way to ensure a more creative environment in your office is to divide the space up into distinct zones.

This could include a zone for quiet working at desks, a meeting hub where people can connect and discuss ideas, a games room that can be used for informal meetings and chats, a relaxing area complete with sofas and bean bags, and even an outside area to get out of the office completely.

By doing this, you can allow your employees to use the different zones according to their mood and their tasks, helping them to be more productive because they are always working in the ideal environment.

Add Natural Elements

Natural elements like plants and even small trees can be inspiring for your employees. Adding some greenery is a great way to freshen up the office and improve the atmosphere, but how much you use depends on your office.

For example, you could have a green corner packed full of flowers and plants, or you could allow employees to bring in their own plants for their desks. Natural plants are inspiring and great for any office space, and they are also very easy to add.

Inspire Them with Art

Great artwork can be the perfect way to quickly change the look and feel of your office and spark the imagination. A single piece of art framed on the wall of your office can be enough to change the mood of the whole room.

Choose your artwork carefully. Find a piece or a few pieces that provide inspiration without distracting your employees. Look at the work featured somewhere like, where you will find work from independent artists, and make sure the paintings fit in with the overall style of the room. This can really help to give your employees a creative boost.

Use Plenty of Natural Light

Natural light is essential for boosting productivity, so make sure you have plenty of windows in your office, and don’t cover them up but allow the light to flow in and fill your office. If the amount of natural light is lacking, use tricks to make the space feel lighter, like hanging mirrors on the walls.

You can also improve the other lighting. Rather than relying on boring strip lighting, install a few more interesting light fittings to quickly improve the feel of the office.

Change Things Up

Finally, make sure your office remains an interesting environment by changing things up regularly. Constantly think of new ways that you can add design elements to freshen it up and delight your employees. Make sure your office never becomes dull, and you will be rewarded with a workforce that is happier, more creative, and more productive.

Peter Harvey is a creative entrepreneur who shares his ideas online through his written articles. From productivity, office design to making money doing something you love, Pete writes about it.

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