Curb Appeal and Your Business: Ways to Lure Customers in and Keep Them Coming Back


When you consider the science of instant attraction when we meet someone for the first time, making an impression in the first few seconds of setting eyes on each other, the same rules of engagement can be applied to attracting customers into your business premises.

Companies like Event Display Australia can help with the sort of display features that add curb appeal to your business, and it make sense to use all of the tools available to lure customers in and keep them coming back.

Making that important first impression

Curb appeal can mean different things to different people, but in general terms, it is how people view your business when they first set eyes on your business premises.

If you believe that old adage about never getting a second chance to make a first impression, you will understand just how important it is to try and make your business premises tick all of the boxes that will draw people inside.

It can be easy to lose sight of how your building looks to others who are seeing it for the first time, so a good starting point to getting your curb appeal just right, is to step outside and try to view your premises as though you were also seeing it for the first time.

Cast a critical eye and see whether your building looks cluttered, tired, has confusing signage, or any number of issues that could deter some potential customers, who are persuaded sufficiently to walk past rather than walk in.

It could certainly be argued that curb appeal may well be one of the most overlooked factors for helping to create the sort of customer experience that helps you to grow your business.

Highly visible

When you are working on boosting your curb appeal, one of the fundamental requirements to address is to ensure that your signage is highly visible to anyone passing by.

The size and type of signage you use does make a difference, and your choice will often be dictated by the location of your business and access. For example, if your business can be viewed from a nearby highway, you want the signage to be visible enough to make someone pull in for a closer look.

It would not be a great idea to go for a really bold form of signage that is too large for your premises or looks out of place generally, so take the time to consider what might work best and how people will be viewing your business from the outside.

It is also amazing just how many stores don’t display relevant details like opening hours, so think about not just how you display your information, but what information your customers would like to see from the outside.

Regular maintenance is important

Arrange to wash the windows and entrance area on a regular basis, as a grubby appearance can suggest to customers that the service they will receive inside won’t be up to much either.

It is a real no brainer when you consider that if you come across a storefront that is gleaming and looks well maintained and enticing with great signage and displays to go with the cleanliness, you are going to be persuaded to see what the inside of the business promises to deliver.

It doesn’t take a lot to sweep the sidewalk and clear up any rubbish left outside, and although it might be annoying if you didn’t put it there in the first place, the potential negative impression it can leave about your business when the front is untidy and dirty, is not worth the risk.

Make good use of your window space

Once you have tidied up the front and made it look sparkling clean, aim to make good use of what window space you have available, and get creative.

Window displays can definitely make or break your chances of creating a great first impression, so pay attention to the feedback you get from customers who comment about your windows and the displays and information open to view.

Don’t overload people with special offers and other messages taking over almost every available bit of window space, as that will look too busy. Take your time and make sure that you make the best possible use of your window space.

The basic message to take on board is don’t underestimate the impact that curb appeal can have on your business.



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