Digital Communication: Changing the Way Businesses Deliver


Over the past decade, technology has significantly changed the business world. Digital communications, in particular, have had a major impact in the way they deliver. These days, a lot of everyday tasks can be carried out online. Keeping in touch with customers, clients, suppliers and colleagues has never been quicker or easier. If your business hasn’t caught up with the digital age then you could be missing out on large potential profits. So how exactly has digital communication influenced businesses?

Faster, cheaper communication

There are many changes that have occurred thanks to the digital revolution. As a business owner you will find a large part of your job is spent communicating with people. Whether that is enquiring about supplies, advertising and marketing your product, organizing meetings with colleagues or sending out information and products to customers.

There have been many tools introduced that can help not only speed up your communication, but also make it much more affordable. Some of these are electronic,with mail and messaging services changing the face of communications in general, but digital innovations have also had their mark on improving non-electronic communications too.

Take the mailing machine for example. You can reduce the cost of your mailing, as well as speed up the whole process. They are surprisingly small and really easy to use and help to keep your customers happy.

Helping to build an intimate relationship with customers

As reported on Arcompany, one thing digital communication has helped with is building up customer and business relationships. Social media in particular has proven to be extremely effective at building up customer trust. It provides a place where you can interact with your customers and answer any complaints or questions in real time. The ability to address problems quickly is a major advantage and can improve trust in your brand. It also allows you to have a human face for your brand.

Video Calls – keep in touch no matter where you are

Video calls have made it possible for more employees to work from remote. Software such as Skype can ensure you keep up to date with what’s going on in the office, even if you can’t be there. What’s more, they are usually free to use, which means it also saves the business money. As featured on Chron, video calls can also prevent you from having to travel as much. In the past, if you wanted to talk through a proposition or meet new clients, you had to physically travel to their location. With Skype you don’t have to leave the office which means you save on travel expenses. It also makes it easier to be in regular contact with international clients.

Reaching a larger audience

The number one way technology and digital communication has helped businesses, has been to make it much easier to reach a larger audience. It is possible to reach millions of new potential customers by running an effective website, a facility that is your window to the world. In the past, many businesses were restricted by their geographical location – technology has certainly changed that dimension drastically.

Overall the business world has been transformed by digital communication. Are you making the most of the digital opportunities out there? If not then now is definitely the time to do so. The internet has created a level playing field between small and larger businesses. Therefore it is important to make sure your company is one step ahead by utilizing the latest digital communication technologies to their full potential.


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