Dress For Success In The Workplace


As a successful businessman, you want to communicate to everyone that you meet and work with that you are powerful and responsible. You handle big accounts and make big decisions. You are in charge, so you should look the part!

The psychological effects of “dressing for the job you want” have been proven time and time again. Being well dressed and carefully groomed shows that you can take care of yourself and didn’t just roll out of bed ten minutes before work.

Dressing well also affects how you see yourself, improving your confidence and body image. People love confidence – if you walk with self assurance, they will follow you just to see where you’re going. So let’s get dressed for work!

What Suits You

There is nothing quite like a sharp business suit to turn heads and show you are a professional. Don’t waste your money on a cheap suit from the rack at JC Penney. Save up and make an investment with a nice, fitted suit from a high end producer.

A good suit will come in handy time and time again. It should fit you well and have clean, crisp lines. Don’t buy something too flashy your first time. Start off with something classic in blue or grey.

Once you have a few neutral suits in your closet, you can think about graduating to something more daring, like a subtle pattern, but don’t start off that way. You want to be taken seriously!

Keep It Clean

Taking care of the bare basics is worth a lot when it comes to personal grooming! You will be amazed by how much of an effect a shower and shave has on your appearance.

Learn how to detail your own facial hair or get it done professionally. You should also get haircuts fairly frequently –up to twice a month depending on the length of your hair.

These quick steps will help you to look clean and polished when meeting with clients or coworkers.


Accessories can be a mark of success in the business world. Think of the scene in American Psycho where Christian Bale compares business cards with his competitors – the money you spend on these items is a mark of how invested you are in your business and how successful you have been.

A nice, large watch can be a great statement piece on your arm while still having some utility. The same goes for a good leather briefcase – it will last for years and protect your important documents while still looking great and adding some serious polish to your everyday look.

Show Your Workplace Smarts

Follow these easy tips and you will soon be the best dressed guy in the office. These are looks that show people you make money and get stuff done. You’ll be turning heads and moving up the ladder with these great style tips.


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