ED: When to Seek Help from Your Doctor


If you’re having trouble getting an erection, you don’t need to panic. There are many reasons why this could be happening if it’s uncommon for you. This could include fatigue, stress or even just drinking too much alcohol. However, if you find the problem occurring on a regular basis and that you’re starting to have trouble in bed, then maybe it’s time to visit a doctor and seek help for a possible case of Erectile Dysfunction.

While the term might sound frightening and the thought itself stirs panic for anyone finding it difficult to get an erection, it’s important to know that a doctor can help make things better. It’s also comforting to know that there are reliable and effective products that can help you perform better as well. If your problem includes keeping it up, the folks at https://www.promescent.com/collections/delay-spray explain that there are clinically proven sprays that can be used in bed to make your sexual experience so much better. These allow men to maximize their performance and make them feel a lot more confident and last longer in bed. However, there are instances where you wonder if an issue that you’re experiencing might need a visit to the doctor, and many times, you might feel like you simply don’t know what the signs are for you to know it’s time. This is why we’ve made a list of instances and symptoms that indicate you need to go see a doctor.

Signs Of An Early Erectile Dysfunction

If you’ve been facing any of the following symptoms and are worried,

It is best to get a consultation to check what the problem is:

· Problems Getting An Erection

· Experiencing Softer Erections

· Unsatisfactory Sex Due To Erections That Do Not Last Long

· Decreased Amounts Of Penile Sensitivity

· Problems With The Angle Of Your Erection

Another major problem to consider is that you may be experiencing stress, anxiety or panic due to your inability to get your penis erected. This in itself can add more stress and anxiety that can have an even worse effect on your sexual relationship. If you feel your current sexual situation is worrying you out, then you might need to contact your doctor to avoid the stress threatening your ability to perform. While your doctor can offer advice and possible treatments or medication for your condition, they can also help clear any incorrect information or ease your worry to help you feel calmer and safer. Your doctor can also offer ed treatments like P-shot in Dallas, TX.

How Can Your Doctor Help?


Besides the talk therapy, your doctor can offer and help calm your nerves, your doctor will also be able to help you figure out whether you need any medication to treat your condition, practice exercises or possibly even decide on whether or not you will need surgical intervention.

In order to figure that out, your doctor will need to take a look at your health and sexual history as well as run a physical test, too.


According to your results, your doctor might prescribe you medication, therapy or even ask you to perform one of the following exercises in order to help improve your condition:

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises can help strengthen your penile function by performing pelvic floor muscle exercises on a regular basis. In order to perform this exercise,

You should follow these steps:

·  Identify your Pelvic Floor Muscle by Halting your Peeing Halfway and you’ll Recognize the Muscle that Immerges.

· Contract your Pelvic Floor Muscles for 3 Seconds and Release.

· Three Times a Day, This Exercise should be Repeated Around 10-20 in a Row.

Aerobic Exercises

Exercises such as running, jogging or swimming are also said to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. An average of 160 minutes of aerobic exercise per week can really help improve your health and prevent risks of ED.


If you’re struggling with stress or anxiety and you feel it is really affecting your sexual performance, your doctor might recommend yoga. This is not only because yoga is a form of meditation that helps relax your mind and body, but it also helps reduce the amount of stress or anxiety you’re feeling and ease symptoms related to ED.


Your doctor can also recommend several natural remedies that could help with your symptoms or suggest a massage or acupuncture that will help relieve your body from the stress or anxiety it is feeling as well as reduce the symptoms of ED. Another alternative measure your doctor might suggest would be surgical intervention. Depending on your case and how severe your condition is, there are two procedures that you can undergo: implants or vascular surgery. However, your doctor will be the one to determine which is best for you.

It’s important to understand that there are many solutions that can help with your case of ED and that it is not the end of the world. While it is a very sensitive issue, it is best to get it checked and find a solution for it as soon as possible to help you feel more confident and avoid it affecting your sexual performance.

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