Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for a New Car


Your car is probably the second most valuable possession that you will ever own, second only to the place in which you live. That means that the decisions you make before you drive away can be absolutely crucial and critical. So here’s some pointers that you should follow.

It must be stressed that there is so much advice available from on-line sites both from the suitability of the car you have in mind and to the sort of money you should be paying out for it. There are sites where you can watch videos and see the actual performance of the car that you set your heart on. Also go and talk to people who have actually bought the cars in your price-range because if anyone will give you an honest answer they will.

Anyway here’s eight things NOT to do:

  1. Don’t fall in blind love with a model. She may look beautiful in the showroom but give you nothing but trouble once you have “tied the knot”. Research and questioning before you buy and always, but always, sleep on it before you make the choice.
  1. The test drive is not a luxury, it is a 100% absolute necessity. You could be driving the car for five or ten years so – without causing any damage of course – you must take thirty minutes and try and drive the car in both urban and highway settings.
  1. Negotiate wisely. Don’t work on the price that you see on the sticker and see the dealer offer you say $500 off the sticker price and you may be fooled into thinking you have a bargain. Find out what he paid for the car and work on that.
  1. Negotiate wisely part two. Sort out each element of the price you are going to pay individually rather than letting the dealer befuddle you with a statement like “how much were you planning to spend each month”?
  1. Ignore all the special offers that the dealer is wowing you with. Just concentrate on ensuring that the model is right for you and the price is what you want to pay. Then see what else he can do for you.
  1. Safety matters. Your life can be at stake, not the dealer’s. Today’s vehicles offer many advanced safety features. Antilock brake systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and head-protecting side air bags, for instance, are effective and well worth the money. Make sure they are included.
  1. Don’t let the dealer sell you things that you don’t need. These can include rust proofing, fabric protection, paint protectant, or VIN etching. Don’t accept those unnecessary services and fees. If you didn’t ask for these things and they appear on the final bill, just cross them out and don’t pay!
  1. Research your car financing before you go and talk to the dealer. There are just so many options available on the market and you need to be sure that you are getting the best deal that’s going. However friendly the guy at the dealer may seem, it’s his pocket he is interested in – not yours! If you are thinking of buying a second car, say for your spouse or kids, you can take out a car title loan on the first car to finance the purchase of the second. You can even speed up the process by applying online. Just search for car title loans online and find a good, recommended loan provider.

Good Luck!






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