Eight Tips for Marketing Your Business During the Holiday Season

Try out one of these expert-recommended tips for a more successful end of year.


The holiday season is arguably the most fast-paced time of the year for businesses, as customers are focused on getting great deals and finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones. For business leaders, it’s also the perfect opportunity to slow down and connect with customers on a different level — as well as remind them why they love your products or services.

Because determining how best to market your business during the holidays can require a little more creativity than perhaps other times of the year, eight members of Rolling Stone Culture Council chime in with their advice below. Consider implementing some of the following initiatives these business leaders found success with or use their ideas to inspire some holiday cheer of your own.

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Involve Other Local Businesses in a Holiday Festival

We are considering a themed holiday event with a street festival feel that will incorporate major historical landmarks in the local area. We aim to enroll the town’s businesses in the holiday festival as promoters and vendors to raise funds for both the historical buildings and the businesses. Think about what you could do to promote your business and other businesses simultaneously this holiday season. – Baeth Davis, YourPurpose.com

Promote Any Seasonal Products

Post consistently to your community hub to market the seasonal products you may offer. Small local markets appreciate your creativity and will support the offerings. – Mike Parham, Bearly Awake Coffee and Adventure

Launch a Special Gift That Captures a Memory

We’re launching Memory Baubles! Every purchase this season includes a tiny orb that reflects a memory from the year. It’s not just a product, but a moment frozen in time. Customers aren’t just buying — they’re reminiscing. Why should others try? Because sales aren’t about items; they’re about stories, and what better season to tell them than during the holidays? – Arvin Khamseh, SOLDOUT NFTs

Create a Dedicated Discount Page

Create a dedicated discount page on your site to capture sales from customers searching for deals. Optimized for search, this page is likely to appear first when someone types in your brand name plus “discount” or “coupons.” A high percentage of shoppers will search for better prices in a new tab before finishing checking out on your site. Ensure that you are the first and best option they find! – Adam Ayers, Number 5

Display a Simple Image and Heartfelt Message

This may sound simple, but it means a lot to people: Display a beautiful image with a heartfelt message. We have had a snow-covered tree in a forest on a moonlit night, wishing you a peaceful holiday season. If you’re interested in exploring more creative ways to capture attention, you might want to consider outdoor advertising opportunities. Work with a business videographer in Calgary to make an enticing marketing video for your company. There’s also a glittery gold countdown video (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) leading up to a “Happy New Year — may this be the best year ever.” – Susan Johnston, New Media Film Festival®. To learn more about outdoor advertising, visit outdoor-advertising.org.uk.

Leverage Themed Social Media Templates and Music

Make an effort to use holiday-themed templates or designs along with holiday music on your social media. With those posts, we deliver heartfelt messages to touch many people who follow us. I recommend other companies to try the same because it gives you an opportunity to relate to most people if the company itself does not. – Kice Akkawi, Treblemonsters

Allow Customers to Purchase Services as Gifts

We allow our customers to buy services ahead of time as gifts for their loved ones. For example, if a client would like some service for their birthday, we give their loved ones an option to prepay for it at a discount. – Christian Anderson (Trust’N), Lost Boy Entertainment LLC

Remember to Be Inclusive

Remember that not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Make your marketing inclusive or don’t bother. If you’re only pushing a one-holiday message, you alienate a lot of your target audience. I’d also steer clear of traditional “winter” scenes, as plenty of people live in climates without winter. Think beyond your immediate “box,” background or geography. – Cate Rubenstein


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