Employment Lawyer Norm Blumenthal: Slave Labor in America

Norm Blumenthal – an attorney for workers and consumers. Selected as one of the Top Attorneys in Southern California. In 2017, Norm was inducted and recognized as one of America’s Most Trusted Lawyers in Employment Law. Norm Blumenthal is a Regular contributor on Money For Lunch.

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Fresno Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula introduced a new bill that would establish a labor trafficking unit within Cal/OSHA to investigate and prosecute people who force or coerce vulnerable people into jobs with little or no pay, often under unsafe working conditions.

The bill is cosponsored by the Western Center on Law and Poverty and the Sunita Jain Anti-Trafficking Policy Initiative at Loyola Law School.

“We must establish a Labor Trafficking Unit to help stop this cruel and inhumane treatment of workers who only want to make a living and provide for their families,” the Democratic lawmaker said. “For the first time, California would have a unit specifically assigned to investigate and prosecute unscrupulous perpetrators.”

The bill authors said that, while the state has primarily directed its efforts and attention to sex trafficking over the years, there has been no coordinated effort focused on labor trafficking . . .

See original article at https://calmatters.org/california-divide/2022/02/california-labor-trafficking

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