Five Strategies To Get Flawless Skin You Didn’t Know About

We all want vibrant, fresh and clear skin – but the truth is that getting it can be hard work. The good news, though, is that there are several strategies that you can try out to improve both the appearance and the health of your skin, helping you to look younger, healthier, and happier. You may consult with a dermatology expert if you need services and/or products suited to your skin type. More cosmetic products that can help improve different skin conditions may be developed by companies especially if they seek dermatological research solutions from Read on to see five of the most effective skincare strategies for women of all ages…

Drink more water

 We all know that drinking lots of water is good for our bodies. Indeed, water is known to aid in our digestion, improve our circulation and allow us to absorb more vitamins and nutrients from our foods. Simply put, if you’re dehydrated and don’t have enough water in you, then your body is not going to be able to perform at its natural best.

But water has benefits for our skin, too. According to some reports, drinking lots of water can give you healthy, stretchy, radiant and younger-looking skin. Our skin is an organ, and so by ensuring it remains properly hydrated, you’ll be sure that your skin can function properly. If you are not drinking enough water, then your skin will naturally become dry, tight and flaky – and if your skin is dry, then it’s more likely to wrinkle or sag than if it is properly hydrated.

One thing to bear in mind when drinking is that water will be delivered to other parts of your body – important organs, for example – before it will reach your skin, so you should aim to drink as much water as you can – at least half a gallon a day. Grab a water bottle, swap coffees and sodas for water, and start sipping. You can add water to your diet by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and by using water-based cleaners and moisturizers at the end of the day.

Take Astaxanthin supplements

 If you’re looking for a simple way to improve the quality and appearance of your skin, then you may want to consider Astaxanthin. Chances are that you haven’t heard of this before – but there are significant benefits to Astaxanthin that we’d like to make you aware of. This ingredient has become an overnight sensation, with some key players in skincare and beauty adding the ingredient to products as consumers begin to understand its benefits.

Whilst research on the benefits of Astaxanthin is currently limited, its known to protect your skin against UV damage – and as we all know, if you’re exposed to lots of UV rays, then your skin will suffer as a result. Astaxanthin can protect against UV damage and also protects you against UVA-induced skin photoaging, helping you to stay looking your best for longer.

Consider looking for skincare products that list Astaxanthin in their ingredients. Not only is Astaxanthin great for your skin, but it has other benefits, such as helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, helping to modulate the body’s immune system and protect the eyes from bacterial inflammation. It’s a wondrous ingredient that will no doubt grow in popularity as more and more cosmetics brands and health care brands acknowledge its appeal. With its many benefits, astaxanthin is one of many ways you can stay healthy on a budget.

Try oil pulling

 The chances are that you’re familiar with the oil pulling craze – that is, putting coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around for up to twenty minutes before spitting to remove the build-up of bacteria in your mouth. The practice has been used for hundreds of years in countries such as India, and while some people doubt the technique’s benefits, many others argue that oil pulling allows them to have bright, clean teeth – and better skin to boot.

Indeed, during oil pulling, toxins that accumulated in your mouth and throat during the night are removed from your body, a process that serves as an anti-bacterial ‘wash’ and strips away any harmful and unwanted germs. As toxins from your mouth often enter the rest of your body through your bloodstream, having a clean mouth that has been cleared of bad bacteria can aid in better skin, as you’re removing toxins that can contaminate your skin.

Learn to manage your stress

 You’ll know first hand that, whenever you’re feeling stressed out or under the weather, your skin will come out with pimples or blemishes. It’s not fate – your skin really does react to your mood, and if you’re constantly stressed, then your skin won’t look its best.

A recent study saw that students who were experiencing high levels of stress were more likely to suffer from things such as dry and scaly skin, hand rashes, itchy skin, hair loss or even flaky or oily patches on their scalps. It’s thought that stress adds more sebum to your body, which is an oily substance that’s known to block pores. This, in turn, increases your chances of poor skin and blemishes and causes you to suffer from spots and acne.

If you can find a way to lower your levels of stress, you’ll not only be a more relaxed and confident person, but your skin will thank you for it. Try not to take on too much work, be organized so that you don’t have any last-minute deadlines to chase, and consider the benefits of meditating to reduce stress and help you feel calm and at peace with life.

Eat the right foods for your skin 

There are so many superfoods that are scientifically proven to give you healthy skin, but it can be tough to know where to start. You don’t have to scour the internet or the supermarket shelves to find exotic foods for your skin – the very best nutrients can be found in the foods you are probably already eating. Mangoes, for example, contain antioxidant properties which can protect your skin and its collagen, while tomatoes also offer skin cancer prevention benefits.

Lycopene, the pigment that gives tomatoes their red color, offer UV damage against the sun. Meanwhile, green tea includes polyphenols, which helps rejuvenate dying skin cells in the body. If you want to be uber-healthy, then kale is something else to add to your shopping list, as it includes sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, which can protect against skin damage, whilst soy is known to improve crow’s feet skin wrinkles over time – particularly in menopausal women.

Chocolate is also something to consider. Yes, you read that correctly. Cocoa flavanols – found in abundance in dark chocolate – can improve your skin’s structure and function, and reduce roughness. Olive oil, on the other hand, can reduce the risks of photoaging, whilst Omega-3, which can be found in oily fishes and some seeds, prevents dryness in the skin.

There are so many ways to keep your skin looking its best, but the most effective is sticking to a healthy diet and staying hydrated. Do try out the advice we have offered in this article and remember that cleansing, avoiding too much sun, and using minimal makeup will help.

This guest post comes from Digital Authority Partners, a Chicago-based healthcare marketing agency.

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