For More Than 20 Years, Nine Stars Has Helped People Live Cleaner With Technological Innovation

Nine Stars, a leader in creating household products that simplify life, is celebrating decades of leadership

ONTARIO, California – (October 11, 2023) – There are millions of homes and businesses, and one thing that can be found in nearly all is a trash can. Nine Stars is a global company celebrating decades of being in the forefront of smart trash can technology, and other everyday household products that help simplify life. What started as a small company has grown to a global enterprise that reaches multiple continents, with no signs of slowing down. They are the pioneers who first adopted, successfully patented, and manufactured smart motion sensor technology on trash cans.

“When the company was started, I had a vision of where it would go,” says Mr. Shiping Wang, founder of Nine Stars, the originator of the motion sensor trash can. “I am thrilled with how the company has grown, especially here in the United States, and that our in-house design team provides innovative new household products year in and year out.”

Started more than 20 years ago by Shiping Wang, an engineer and inventor, the company has revolutionized common household products. They offer trash cans with a motion sensor, providing people a contactless way to put things into the bin. They also offer dual-compartment trash cans, helping to make sorting items simple and convenient. Their advanced technology created the first adopted, patented, and manufactured motion and tap sensor technology trash cans.

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The company’s products, which offer a high-quality stainless steel base and come in various colors to suit any homeowners’ personality or decor, are available online and in stores at major retailers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia. Nine Stars owns and manages the production and warehousing of their products, which maintains top quality and streamlines the fulfillment process. With a dedicated in-house design and engineering team in America that strives to bring about the best products, they are able to offer the most diverse product design in the industry which represents the pinnacle of style, quality and craftsmanship.

Best-selling Nine Stars products include the motion sensor trash can, which allows contactless means of throwing away trash. There are several options, including 3.2 gallon and 13.2 gallon, with a traditional stainless steel look or a colored option. The colors include teal blue, burgundy, pink, red, yellow, white, etc. They also offer tap-sensor trash cans, a non-sensing option like step-on, mini car cans, and trash bags.

Some key features that have made Nine Stars a global industry leader are:

  • Being the original patent holder for Motion and Tap Sensor trash cans.
  • Direct factory ownership ensures quality control.
  • Dedicated U.S.-based customer service department offers superior customer service.
  • Global presence with warehousing in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia, enables efficient drop ship support and logistics.
  • Owns and manages factories employing 400+ people.

“Being able to build products that help make people’s lives a little easier is a great feeling for us,” added Mr. Wang who is globally recognized as ‘The Father of the Smart Sensor Trash Can.’  “We are excited to soon announce the release of 2 new products still coming out this year, and to continue to be on the cutting edge of technology and design.”

Nine Stars products are sold at Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s, Staples, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Wayfair, Bed, Bath & Beyond and more. Elevate your living space with products designed to enhance your everyday life. To get more information about the company and see the product line, visit the site at:

About Nine Stars

Founded in 1993, Nine Stars was the originator of the smart motion sensor trash cans and has since emerged as a global leader in household products, dedicated to simplifying everyday life. Pioneering innovation in the trash can industry, Nine Stars revolutionized waste management with the creation of the world’s first patented motion and tap sensor trash cans. Committed to providing a cleaner, hassle free environment, Nine Stars delivers a wide range of meticulously crafted products focused on quality, design and craftsmanship. Available in all major retailers, explore the product line at and follow @NineStarsUSA on Instagram or TikTokfor refined ways to elevate your space. Nine Stars: where quality meets ingenuity. 

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