Forex Startup: How Popcorn Solutions Fuel Your Idea to the Top

A Forex startup and, therefore, a consolidated brokerage service may sound unachievable for some people due to their lack of technical and software knowledge, also because of the amount of capital required. However, some tools can help people to build on their dreams and start the forex solution they always wanted.

When it comes to talking about a Forex Broker startup, money, security, and people are the three essential legs that will sustain your project. Indeed, it would help if you are sure that all three parts are made with the highest quality standards as it will make your business unique and stand out above others.

Popcorn Technology is the perfect partner for every FX startup, no matter the kind, focus, and size of your project. We help entrepreneurs to make their ideas come true with outstanding quality standards but significant lower costs.

Let’s talk about how we can help you to achieve your dreams and what we can offer in terms of services, white label solutions, and full-stack development. Let’s know what your dreams and goals are, and let’s talk business.

What is Popcorn Technology

But first, let us tell you what Popcorn Technology is. We are a FinTech company focused on the investment market for Brokerage solutions and B2B products. We offer all-inclusive, easy-to-navigate, and secure online trading experience hosted in the most popular forex trading platform in the world, the MT4.


Our services are ideal for entrepreneurs and young Forex trading startups who want first, catch as many clients as they can, and second, provide them with the highest standards of quality.

We make money because you make money. So, it is in our best interest to start your Forex brokerage as soon as possible, but with no quality handicaps. With us, you will be in the position of standing out above your competency.

Long story short, we in Popcorn offer a complete white label forex trading solution that includes marketing, technical, and business tools to empower business to the infinite and beyond.

Why invest in a Forex startup

With over 5 trillion dollars in trading each day, Foreign exchange is among the most liquid markets in the world. It is about 25 times the volume of the global equities market, and you can start trading with just one dollar and leverages from 1:1 to 700:1 and more.

Besides, the technological revolution started a few decades ago is improving online access in all areas around the world, providing more people with internet access, which means more business opportunities.

In this framework, starting a Forex brokerage could be an exciting endeavor. Indeed, it is a strict and complicated area of business, but one that could also be very lucrative in the short and long terms.

Back in the days, many traders and entrepreneurs faced too many challenges before being able to launch their broker. However, now with services like the Forex Brokers Startup Package provided by Popcorn, the process of starting a Forex startup is not that complicated.

Consequently, technological development, demographics, and a mature foreign exchange market make a Forex startup the perfect business opportunity for those who have what it takes to succeed.

How Popcorn helps you to start a Forex broker startup

The Forex Broker Startup Package developed by PopCorn Technology will provide you with any tool, service, solution, and help you need in setting your Forex business.

Our holistic program is a 360-degree one-box solution for every kind of brokerage platform. As we say in our website, “we’ve got all the answers and solutions for startup brokers.”

Our team of multidisciplinary experts has developed state-of-the-art software and tools to help your business and to improve your monetization at all levels.

Let’s check what we have to offer you:

Complete branded website

After doing in-depth research about what is needed in the industry and your personal focuses on the business, we will develop a complete brand new website for your company. The only thing you have to do is share your thoughts and choose between the options provided. Then, our professionals will help you make a name and attract new partners.

CRM, integrated with Forex affiliate system

As part of our startup program, we combine our CRM solution with the Forex affiliate system of your choice, and it is integrated into the MT4 ecosystem. It has tracking options, telephone services, auto dealers, and other elements to help you control all aspects of your business. In plain words, our CRM assists startups in increasing their revenue while it provides the ability to manage IBs.

Technical Support 24/7

Forex never sleeps, neither our Technical support. Anytime you have a problem, you can contact us. No matter the time zone you are in. We are here for you.

Marketing support

Popcorn will help you with marketing strategies to put your Forex startup on the radar of potential clients. We offer mechanisms to attract leads, an effective tracking system, advanced landing pages, and of course, plenty of promo materials and catching ideas.

PSP – Payment Service Provider

Money is the blood of your business, so is security. We connect your brokerage to whatever PSP of your choice. We make integrations quickly, secure, and in full accordance with international laws. Furthermore, we have an excellent long-term relationship with several reliable banks and payment methods. Your users won’t face any problems with money transfers, period.

Complete Back-office

A web-based area integrated with your MT4 and CRM solutions will be designed for your internal and external clients. All your workers will have an interface where they can develop tasks, make changes, and manage the whole platform. In the back office, Popcorn offers you all the information on your cooperation with other traders and organizations in just one place.

Popcorn, your best partner when starting a Forex broker startup

Starting your Forex brokerage with the help of Popcorn will provide you with top quality tools that will empower your business to become a success. We have a dedicated startup department with years of experience that goes the extra mile to watch your dreams come true.

We are traders, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, software developers, salespeople, and dreamers working hard on inspiring projects like yours.

We offer an all-inclusive trading platform to run your Forex startup with the confidence of security, top technology, and marketing efforts. We also provide institutional liquidity with no turnover fees and broker solutions such as CRM, PSP, and IT support.

Let’s talk business; we believe in you.

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