What to Do If You Forgot Lock Screen Password on Android Device

Most of the time we face problem in memorizing our phone lock screen password and Many times, we face a condition when kids in our home try to enter some random passwords and this situation is very conversant or common to everybody.

So these are some reasons because of which your phone is getting locked (due to forgotten password or due to wrong attempts) and this leads you in worry. So what next one should do?

In this article, we are going to tell you all the methods to get accessed to your android phone or tablet if in case you fail to recall your lock screen password. But unfortunately, in every condition, whether you have pattern lock or pin password or facial recognition you are certainly going to lose all your data.

That is the reason it is suggested to have the backup of all your important data. No need to worry if you have exceeded the limit of trying the maximum number of efforts.

Here, we are going to provide the entire list of methods that will assist you to get into your Android phone at the time when you forgot your password. There are three methods that will help you get accessed in your android phone. You just need to follow them and you will get accessed in your phone.

Method 1: Unlock Screen Password using Google Account

In case you have put pattern password on your android phone, and after trying five wrong attempts you phone gets locked. If you try again, you will get an error message on your android phone screen that “wait for 30 sec and try again”. And if on attempting again, you are not able to draw that correct pattern password then you have to assume accept that you have forgotten your phone’s password.

To get accessed in your phone click on “Forgot password”. You will be redirected to the screen where you have to enter your Gmail account details. One can get the accessed to their android phone using your Google account details.

Follow the steps given below in order to get accessed in your phone using Gmail account:

  1. After five wrong attempts your phone’s screen will be locked.
  2. Need not to worry, just click on “Forgot password?”
  3. This will readdress you to the page where you have to enter the Gmail account details (it is assumed that you have a Google account).
  4. Now, after entering the details just “Sign In”.
  5. This will assist you to get a NEW PATTERN password.

Notes: It is obligatory that if you are using this method to get accessed into your phone, your phone should have internet connectivity; otherwise it is not at all conceivable to “Sign in” into your Google accounts.

account signin screen

Tips: After getting accessed into your android phone. It is highly suggested to have a backup of all the important data which you might need in future.

There are several requests accessible that are very useful in saving and reading the password when required. One of the best website for this purpose is application to frp bypass for free this will work to deactivate any kind of lock completely from android devices. In this website, you can find many applications that are best to read and save the password.

Method 2: Restore the Factory Settings to Remove Password

Unluckily, because of any reason if you are not able to get into in your phone using the method giving above, you are going to face a tough problem. Now, you have to reset your phone in order to get accessed in your android phone. And this method is called – Restore Factory Setting.

Follow the steps given below in order to factory reset your Android phone:

1) It is first requisite to switch off your phone. Now at once, press the volume down key and power/lock key for few seconds. This will boot your android phone. You have to now enter in the Recovery Mode of your phone.

2) Only use volume down key in order to navigate. Click on to “wipe data/factory reset”. This will wipe all the data and protected setting of your device. Now, reboot your android phone and your password will be removed.

Android system recovery screen

Once Factory Reset is achieved effectively, you will now be able to access your phone simply without any problem.

By using first method, i.e., using Gmail accounts you will not lose your data. But, if you are using second method of Restore Factory Setting, you will assuredly lose your entire phone’s data. That is the reason; it is highly suggested to have a backup of the significant data.

Solution 3: Remove Screen/PIN Password without Losing Any Data

Now this is one of the best methods to get into in your android phone if you are not having Google accounts and also, you need all your data to be secure and saved.

In this method, you have to use Android Data Recovery which has password removal tool embedded into the database. By using this feature, you can eliminate any type of password either pin, pattern, finger print or facial recognition within few minutes. This method is the best method among all because in any case, you will not lose your data.

Follow the steps given below to Remove Screen/PIN Password without Losing Any Data:

Step 1: Download and install the program on a computer. Open the package and click “Unlock” from the core window. Now, a new window appears on the screen.

Step 1 unlock screen

Step 2: Now, attach your computer with phone via USB cable.

Step 2 screen

Step 3: After linking, just keep an eye on the steps and you will now be readdressed to the Download mode. Your android phone is now in Download Mode.

Step 3 screen

Step 4: While your phone is in Download Mode, Click “Start”. Now, the database started downloading and it will correspond to recovery package requisite by the program.

Step 4 download mode screen

Step 5: Once the download is finished, Android Data Recovery will start to examine the device and will eliminate the password without losing any data. But this step will take few minutes to get completed.

Step 5 finish message screen

Among all the methods given above, getting into to your phone using Google account is the finest and simplest method to get accessed in your android phone without losing any data. If you don’t have Google account, it is highly suggested to have one.

Now another thing to be perceived is Android Data Recovery method can also recover the data from Android internal memory and SD card. This tool is the most influential tool for android lovers.

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