Four Industries You Can Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the trending currency of the new electronic payments industry. It’s a form of cryptocurrency that allows decentralized transactions to take place instantaneously through your eWallet. Initially dismissed as a fad cooked up by some coding geniuses, it’s growing increasingly powerful in the world of commerce, and you may be surprised to learn just how many industries currently accept Bitcoin as their payment method. This article introduces you to four of the main industries in which you’ll be able to pay in Bitcoin, saving you time. BTW,  when you have a minute check out Bitcoin Hero Login.

Online Retail 

While most physical stores would expect your payment to be made in cash or by using a debit or credit card, the online market is modernizing at a far speedier rate. You’ll be able to search for which stores accept Bitcoin payments by looking at comprehensive lists that show Bitcoin-enablement. However, if you ever see the distinctive Bitcoin logo on the payments banner of a site, it’s a clear indication that you’ll be able to spend your electronic money on whatever goods or services are provided by the online store.


With smartphone adoption quickly becoming the norm across the world, the gaming industry has come to terms with a changing landscape of gamers who wish to enjoy their hobby on the move, via a smartphone, without shelling out the bucks for a console and additional expensive games. That means that the nominal payments you do have to make to play smartphone-enabled games are best-suited to Bitcoin, which processes quickly and painlessly without laborious sign-ups. Examples include, where you can gamble small amounts of your Bitcoin, or elsewhere you’ll find Bitcoin-accepting apps across GooglePlay or Apple Store gaming products.


Plenty of people are moving away from consuming most of their media through satellite television, instead preferring on-demand music, television, and film, either through a smart TV or a PC or laptop. Many media streaming sites and organizations now accept Bitcoin purchases in their repertoire of payment methods, which means you’ll be able to shell out for the movie you’re most keen to watch without entering in all your card details into a site you may not trust fully. This capability cuts the corner when it comes to on-demand streaming, allowing you to watch or listen to what you want, when you want it.


The NGO industry has been quick to accept Bitcoin donations as a means to acquire more capital to invest in their charitable operations, and it’s become a quick, easy and no-nonsense way to do your bit. Whether your friend’s collecting donations for a sponsored skydive or you’ve come across a charity appeal close to your heart, you’ll be able to quickly and painlessly make your donation through Bitcoin on many charity websites. The same can be said for tipping – giving small donations to useful blogs or informative forum posts – as a sign of your gratitude.

Bitcoin continues to be in the ascendency, so knowing where to spend it certainly validates any thoughts you might have had about setting up your own electronic wallet.

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