Habits That Make People Look Older

While getting older is inevitable, some habits and lack of healthy routines accelerate the process and leave a person’s complexion, body, and attitude well beyond their years.

From something as simple as jumping on every fashion trend to keeping the same haircut year after year, here are some things that, sadly, make people look older.

Tanning Wrinkles And Ages Skin



According to the American Cancer Society, exposure to UV rays is not only linked to skin cancer but also the cause of wrinkles. That type of damage to skin cells will result in people looking older than they probably are, something that can be avoided.

For people who like to have a healthy glow, think about using tanning lotion and stay away from tanning beds and direct sunlight.

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Over-Dyeing Hair Makes It Coarse And Brittle


Switching up hair color is not a big deal. Even coloring roots to get rid of pesky gray strands isn’t a big deal. The issue comes when a person over-dyes their hair.

Over-dying can strip away essential oils, causing hair to look coarse, brittle, and very aged. Nothing like soft and youthful-looking locks.

Changing hair color, even tackling those stubborn gray strands at the roots, might seem like a routine affair. Yet, the real trouble arises when individuals indulge in excessive dyeing.

Over-dying not only alters the color but also strips away essential oils, leaving the hair coarse and brittle. Root Hair, being particularly delicate, suffers the most, losing its natural shine and luster.

Consequently, hair can appear aged and lack the softness associated with youthful locks. The good news, however, is that hair restoration techniques have advanced significantly, offering solutions to rejuvenate damaged strands. Consult experts like Global Center for Hair Restoration – PRP hair restoration for additional guidance.

Proper care and hair restoration methods can help regain the natural vitality of root hair, ensuring healthier and more vibrant tresses.


Thin And Over-Plucked Eyebrows



Once upon a time, thin eyebrows were in style. However, people have since learned that prematurely thinning out eyebrows is a great way to age oneself. An eyebrow tint can add depth and dimension to brows, making them stand out.

Not only will it make a person look as though they are living in the 1990s, but it will make them look older, as eyebrows tend to naturally thin out with age.

Lack Of Sleep Results In Collagen Breaking Down


According to the Sleep Foundation, adults between the age of 26 and 64 need at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep will make people appear older, as there is a link between it and the stress hormone cortisol.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, cortisol can break down collagen, a protein that keeps skin smooth and youthful.


Over-Washing Your Face


It is important to wash one’s face. But over-washing can result in people aging themselves, as it strips away protective oils, leaving skin looking a bit dull and drab.

Dermatopathologist Gretchen Frieling says, “Over-washing your face can damage the skin’s protective system, which then can affect how easily the environment irritates your skin, how efficiently you retain moisture, and—over time—cause you to show early signs of aging.” So, instead of over washing your face, you may want to schedule SkinPerfected – medical grade facials like an aqua facial in in Dedham, MA to help nourish your face. In addition, cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers in Bridgeville, PA and SkinTite skin tightening may also help reduce signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. You can visit experts like Bayside Medspa – microneedling or this med spa in Lehi, UT to know more about cosmetic treatments. 

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Skipping Out On Exercise


A study done at the University of Birmingham showed that people who exercised regularly “defied the aging process, having the immunity, muscle mass, and cholesterol levels of a young person.”

So, it only makes sense that those who do not exercise or even go on walks will look and feel older.


Drinking Way Too Much Coffee During The Day


While there is nothing wrong with drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, overdoing it with caffeine can speed up the aging process. Aside from the potential of brown-stained teeth, too much caffeine can result in insomnia.

With lack of sleep, mixed with the dehydration brought on by coffee, a person will slowly see their skin start to sag from the breakdown of collagen.

Stress Can Lead To Skin Rapidly Aging


Yes, stress is a part of life. But being overly stressed at all times does nothing for one’s skin and youthfulness. According to research conducted at Avon, there is a direct link between stress-related emotions and skin aging.

While it will deplete the elasticity in one’s skin cells, stress-related frowning and scowling will also develop wrinkles.


Consuming Sugar On A Daily Basis


A little sugar is good for the soul, but keep in mind consuming too much sugar is linked to aging skin, according to research done by Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Dermatology.

In their study, researchers found that excess glucose triggered a process called glycation. This process eventually makes collagen rigid, resulting in skin losing its elasticity.

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Not Flossing Can Age Your Mouth

woman using dental floss to clean her teeth

Flossing is something many people overlook in their daily hygiene habits. Yet, it is important because not flossing leaves people vulnerable to an aging mouth, as their teeth and gums will become more vulnerable to cavities and infection. If you end up with missing teeth due to poor dental health, you may get dental implants and start improving your oral health. You may also get veneers to improve your smile. At the very least, you should visit a general dental office twice a year for dental cleaning and checkups. If you’re planning to style up your smile, you may consider wearing silver grillz.

According to Harvard Health, people should floss at least twice a day.


Matte Makeup Can Make Skin Look Dull


While some people enjoy the look of matte makeup, it tends to make a person look older. Even for people with oily skin, matte foundations can make lines, wrinkles, and other facial imperfections stand out.

Instead, it is advised to use dewy makeup, allowing light to reflect off one’s face and giving a youthful appearance. If you’re seeking to enhance your dewy look, you can get the best makeup products from this cosmetic manufacturing company by reaching out to them directly.

Never Changing A Hairstyle And Cut


Many people have reservations about cutting their hair. But keeping the same hairstyle and cut for years on end can make it seems as though a person is living in the past, making them appear older.

According to stylist Stephanie Campbell, “Styles change, and if you keep a style for a long time, it can make you look like you’re still living in that time period.”


Skipping Over Moisturizer


Skipping over a daily moisturizer is an easy way to age one’s skin. Like the body’s vital organs, skin thrives with hydration; something moisturizer gives in abundance.

Keeping skin, especially the face, moisturizer free will result in dry, flakey, and otherwise dull-looking skin that will make a person appear older.

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Not Drinking Enough Water Throughout The Day


People who do not drink enough water throughout the day will experience not only dehydration but the loss of radiant-looking skin, according to research done by the Cleveland Clinic.

Dietitian Niti Patel also says drinking a lot of water throughout the day will also aid in digestion and keep a person energized, helping with overall healthy aging. If you want to improve the quality of your drinking water at home, you may contact companies like Diamond H2O to help setup your own water filtration system.


Jumping On Trends And Dressing “Unauthentic”


Fashion trends come and go, and jumping on each one makes older people look even older. While it may seem that wearing younger-looking clothing will make a person appear younger, the opposite is true — they’re being inauthentic, and it shows. Embrace authenticity in your style by incorporating statement pieces like a tactical military watch, a symbol of rugged sophistication that transcends age boundaries.

According to fashion psychologist Dawnn-Karen, “Authenticity is not being expressed, which ends up making the older person dressing younger look older.”

Daily Shampooing Strips Hair Of Essential Oils


Many people might not realize that it is not necessary to wash their hair every day. In fact, shampooing will strip hair of its essential and natural oils, leaving it looking dull and dry, according to stylist Stephanie Campbell.

While dry hair can age a person, it is avoidable by washing hair every few days!

Sitting In Front Of A Screen For Too Many Hours


Between phones, computers, tablets, and televisions, people are in front of screens a majority of the day. Studies have shown that the blue light emitted from these screens can actually cause skin pigmentation, resulting in aging skin.

On top of that, leaning over to scroll through a newsfeed can result in a hunched back and neck wrinkles.


Source: CNN


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