How Not To Let Your Diet and Nutrition Sabotage Your Bodybuilding Plans


There is a surfeit of information on techniques, diets, supplements, and much more on bodybuilding in health and fitness magazines as well as online sources such as websites, blogs, forums, etc. However, only a very few people who engage in bodybuilding end up with a body that they truly want with the huge bulging chest, and arms that one is normally so envious of. Some of the most common mistakes people tend to make when bodybuilding:

Consuming Too Much Food

Even though the first rule of building muscle mass is to have a calorie surplus, it does not mean that you can eat whatever you like indiscriminately. Eating loads of junk food, deli meats, sugary drinks, and starchy foods delivers no nutrition at all but loads your body with a huge number of empty calories. Consequently, you gain a whole lot of fat as well as muscle when working out. The best solution to avoid unnecessary fat is to focus on high-protein foods and choose complex carbs instead of simple carbs that just flow straight to the waist.

Failing To Eat Enough

When undertaking a cutting cycle, it is impossible to lose only fat and retain all the muscles you have built up earlier. Many people building their bodies think that they can keep fat accumulation to the minimum by drastically cutting down on their food intake. You may notice a temporary relief but continuing with a low-calorie diet will result in your metabolism slowing down. When the body enters into a starvation mode, your muscle loss will increase. Ask your trainer about buying steroids online to speed up the muscle-building process.

Eliminating Fat from Your Diet Completely

Most people are under the impression that fat is the ultimate villain that does not let you build your body. The actual truth is that fat is an essential element of your diet and indeed its presence in foods can actually help you to lose weight and aid muscle building. The trick is to choose only healthy fats like those contained in oily fish like mackerel, tuna, cod or fruits like avocado, and seeds and nuts. It is best to eliminate the use of animal fats and instead rely on vegetable oils for cooking. Consuming monounsaturated fats actually helps in the synthesis of proteins, boosts energy levels and makes easier the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients by your body.

Not Eating Enough Greens

There is a tendency by people building their bodies to avoid eating vegetables because of their poor protein content. However, you should not ignore vegetables and leafy greens as they are packed with essential minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and carbs that are slowly digested. Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, kales, etc. are a very good replacement for starchy foods like rice, bread, potatoes, etc.


Bodybuilding is a scientific craft and you should know how your body behaves under different stimulus so that you don’t end up making mistakes that on the face of it seem harmless but actually can cost you your dream body.


Author Bio: Jerry Parks is a professional fitness trainer. Passionate about bodybuilding, he always advises his students to seek professional advice before buying steroids online.

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