How to Avoid a DUI or DWI Arrest?


So, this is the situation: You realize that you got drunk after having a few glasses of wine or a couple of beers, and now is the time to drive home. It was an enjoyable evening with the friends in the bar and now you have no other option to get back home, except for driving your car.

Your chances of getting arrested for a DUI are high, unless:

  • You got a friend who understands the situation and can prevent you from doing it.
  • You behave like a sober and normal individual while driving your car.
  • You don’t fall into a situation in which you cause harmful damage to other people on the road.
  • You manage smartly the way you deal with the police (if you got caught).
  • Your BAC level is below 0.08%.

Anything can happen while you are drunk and driving the car. The best thing you can do to avoid problems is obviously not sitting behind the wheel. If that is not an option, then here are some tips that will help you to avoid DWI or DUI arrest.

This is how you can avoid DUI arrest:

Act sober and don’t break (any other) rules. The police catch numerous drunk people on a daily basis who get arrested for DUI for the very first time. Most of the first-timers get caught only because of their own mistakes. They believe it is another lucky day and they will avoid DUI arrest only by chewing the mint gum and acting like a sober person. That’s not possible! Whether you realize it or no, it is very risky to drive and attract the police by looking suspicious. Do not invite the problems and know some obvious reasons for which the police stop a driver.

  • Driving too slow or fast.
  • Breaking the signal and other traffic rules.
  • Turning without indicating and avoiding the stop sign.
  • Driving carelessly.
  • Driving suspiciously around the bars.
  • Playing music at a very high volume in the car.
  • Using the phone while driving.
  • Causing trouble for other people while driving.

Great real-world example is, that a lot of individuals get caught by police because they play loud rap music in their car. This gives the police an indication, that the driver is likely to be high – loud rap and marijuana is a common combination.

Consider a few things before you get in the car. Can you follow the traffic rules? Is your car’s headlight on? Will you panic after hearing police siren? Consider all these things and prepare your mind to deal with these situations calmly. All you will have to do is control yourself whether the situation is good or bad. You will have to act naturally and only then, you can hope to avoid the DUI or DWI arrest.

What can you do, if you are caught?

Restrict communication:

Do not take that as being completely silent, ignoring what the police is saying. What you should be doing, is answering with only yes or no. Police officer will try different tactics to test your patience. He may ask where and how you drank or what exactly, etc. You must focus on what you are answering because police keeps everything written down. Your answers can be used against you. You should refuse all the accusations related to DUI or DWI and the best answer would be “I have nothing to say about it”.

You should calmly do what the police officer asks you to do and presume you are safe and sober.

Suppose, the police ask you to stop your car. Do not panic and never grab the door. If you are not sure that your answers won’t put you in trouble, then you can maintain your silence until you meet your lawyer. Contact a good DUI lawyer as soon as you can.

Common field sobriety tests:

The police takes 3 common Field Sobriety Tests to determine if driver is drunk-intoxicated or not.

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus
  • Walk and Turn
  • One-Leg Stand

Ask the officer how to proceed before you get in the act. Let the officer explain the tests and only then follow instructions. Understand everything clearly because a misunderstood action can work against you.

The DUI defense firm of Romano Law, P.C. suggests that drivers strongly consider declining Field Sobriety Tests. DUI Attorney Michael Romano says, “These tests are designed for failure, and very difficult for the average person to perform without error. Unless they are an Olympic gymnast with perfect vision.”

Take support of a DUI lawyer as soon as you can:

There is no way to get prepared for passing Field Sobriety Tests in advance, but your lawyer can mentally prepare you for the troubling situations.

Your chances of avoiding mistakes would be higher if you are aware of your legal rights. It is very important to have a powerful DUI attorney for so many reasons. However, the best possible thing you can do to avoid the DUI or DWI arrest is just “don’t drink and drive”.


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