How to Give Back on a Budget


Knowing how to spend money wisely can often present a challenge. Even individuals that know how to be frugal may find it hard to accomplish what they want with the money they have. This challenge is made even greater for those that are generous enough to give back to others that are in need. Though it can be tricky, there are many ways to save enough money while still making a positive difference.

Provide Food

Having a decent meal is one of the most important goals for those in need. While you may not be able to provide a smorgasbord, you can still set aside a bit of money each week to go toward purchasing food for the needy. You can collect many non-perishable items such as boxed or canned goods and donate them to local organizations or churches. You can even buy items to make your own bagged lunches and hand them out to the homeless when possible. If you lack the time to donate on a more frequent basis, you can save up throughout the year and purchase foods to give out to needy families during the holiday season.

Sponsor a Child

One of the most heartfelt ways to give back is to sponsor a child in need. It does not require a hefty investment, but it makes a world of difference for disadvantaged children. Many organizations also allow sponsors to send gifts periodically. You may also be able to share letters with your sponsor child during special occasions. This allows you to bond with the child instead of just sending money without learning about their lifestyle. Sponsorship is an affordable and noble way of helping those that are the most helpless.

Send Supplies

If you would like to give back but you aren’t sure of how much it may cost, you can make donations of necessary items every so often. Before school starts, you can buy a backpack and fill it up with necessary school supplies for a particular grade level. Although it is just enough for one student, this donation will make a big difference in that child’s life. It may take some of the stress off of a parent during this time of year, and your good deed may even inspire others to do the same. You can also save money by donating your own items. If you have clothing that doesn’t fit or hasn’t been worn, you can give these items to local centers. Career attire is a necessity for those out of work that may lack the resources to dress well for interviews. You can also donate coats and other winter clothing accessories to family shelters during colder weather.

Saving money does not have to be as hard as it seems. Even better, giving back to those that need it can be made simple as well. Being generous is a trait anyone can partake in, and it does not require allocating large sums of money. You can always find a way to responsibly help others while maintaining your personal budgets.


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